Would U Buy It #10: "What If? Wolverine, Vol. 1-2"

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We all have trade paperback (TPB) collections we'd like to see. Here's two of mine:

Proposed Title:What If? Wolverine, Vol. 1 & ...Vol. 2.
Alternate Title:Wolverine: What If?, Vol. 1 & ...Vol. 2.
Vol. 1 Collecting 8 Issues:
Vol. 2 Collecting 9 Issues:
Covers: (click to enlarge)
Vol 1 TPB Cover: What If (1989) #7
Vol 2 TPB Cover: What If (1989) #59

There's a couple of things I like about Volume 1: 1) It begins and ends with variations on the first battle between Wolverine and the Hulk. 2) I presented these issues in order of publication, so it just worked out that #6, 24 & 37 were all in the same volume. I like that, because I included #6 (an X-Men issue) because it related to Inferno, so it ties in with #37, which is a variation on #24. That's not really huge, but I like it that it's all in one volume, without having to move issues out of order. Volume 2 is a bit more of a mix, but still a bunch of cool stories.

For the Volume 1 cover, I'd go with What If? (1989) #7. That cover of Wolverine as a SHIELD agent was a big hit, because it took fans back to the story of Daredevil as an agent of SHIELD, from What If? (1977) #28. For the Volume 2 cover, I'd go with the '89 series #59, with Wolverine leading Alpha Flight, and standing over downed X-Men. I would have gone with the issue #111 cover, of Wolverine as the Horseman of War, leaping at the reader, but I don't like the curved claws. Yeah, I'm picky like that sometimes.


11/8/12: I added the 2011 one-shot, What If? Wolverine: Father, to Volume 2. It's a cool little story of what might have happened, had Logan found Daken as a baby.

Would you buy it? Let me know in the comments, and thanks for reading.


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Thanks again!

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@Rosencrantz&Guildenstern: Yeah, I think a lot of people would snap these up, because hey, it is Wolverine.  It's also a pretty cool group of stories.  (BTW, love the screen name) ;)
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I like reading Wolverine.  
I like "What If" stories.  
I'd buy this. :)    
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BreakingTheFourthWall: I think Wolverine still sells books like crazy, so I think a *lot*of people would buy this. Obviously, I'd like to see it, since I made the WUBI on it, but I do think they'd be cool. :)

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