??? wolvie should be dead i dont want him dead thoe

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shouldent he be dead cause he looses blood alot and he cant just make more blood explain this plz

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He can recreate any cell, and that includes red globules and leukocytes, which make the majority of blood.
Hope this helps.

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@spawn devil:
oh ok thanks ps is there names for the blood parts that i can prononce
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          Aside from the comment earlier explaining about blood regeneration, Logan is also banned to die or something.
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only deadpool is baned from death wolive is not
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@superboyrocks13: Wolverine can only die if his healing factor is either weakened somehow or exausted to the point where he needs to rest before he can fight again or he'll end up healing the same way a normal person does and when you're being shot, burned, stabbed or bludgened that's not healthy...

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