Wolverine was killed by Punisher?

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I was reading about the comic "Punisher kills Marvel Universe," and I was just wondering, how did Punisher kill Wolverine exactly? If someone could show/tell me what Punisher did..I'd be super grateful.

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alternative universe. That never happened in the mainstream universe. I don't think marvel would kill wolverine.He's like their saint to them.

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@moywar700: I know. I didn't ask what issue this happened, it happened in "Punisher kills the Marvel Universe," I meant, like how exactly did he manage to kill Wolverine?

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@SoA: You're awesome. Thank you.

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Wolverine should have survived that... even at maximum voltage, those things aren't powerful enough to do that... I mean, not unless it was powered by the Ark of the Covenant

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@CaptainDoeo: your welcome!

#8 Posted by SoA (5985 posts) - - Show Bio

@Hunter114: i agree but i think the guy who wrote it just had no idea how to kill wolverine and this was the best idea he had.lol

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The point of the comic wasn't really about how punisher could kill all the other heroes, I doubt he could actually kill wolverine, the point of the comic was actually to question the punisher's humanity in the psychological condition he was driven to by the alternate circumstances that occurred in the issue.

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That's an aleternative universe.

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