wolverine vs sabretooth = easy fight?

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i dont get why wolverine cant win a battle against sabretooth, i mean... besides the adrenaline factor sabretooth gots, whats hes special ability?

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he is strong, he heals as fast as logan does, He is larger, fast, and has given in to the blood lust of the animal within himself. That makes him a powerful mutant. logan (to my knowlage) hasnt given in to the animal that lives within him. The only thing he got over vitor, is the claws. and the bones.

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His size and strength, added with his healing factor and adamantuim tipped clawz and his Special Forces training. Anyways Wolverine wins plenty of fights against Sabretooth in fact he killed him ;)

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i rember something about it, but i dont rember how..

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I hated when I found out that Sabretooth got Adamantium. The whole point is that he goes in there with nothing and takes Logan to the limit.

Really, I think Sabretooth would have been the better fighter, and just better all around if he didn't go so damned crazy and then stay there.

@ Gambler: I think it's safe to say that might have been Skrull Sabretooth.

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I loved the old Sabretooth that would kick the crap out of Logan each year on his (logans) birthday each year just to show that he's better than him.
The whole point of Sabretooth was that he was bigger, stronger and better than Logan, and that he never could beat him, and also to show him what would happen if he gave in to the feral side.

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EGGZACKERY, Fesak! That's why you wear that Sheriff star!

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EGGZACKERY, Fesak! That's why you wear that Sheriff star!

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did wolverine beat sabortooth when they battle to be the next horsemen of acapalypse

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he even killed sabortooth

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is sabretooth physically stronger than logan?

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Yes bigger, faster, stronger and better.    
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Sabertooth is larger, and stronger. While wolverine fights against the animal within him, Sabertooth embraces it.

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feral wolverine should own sabes though.  I wouldn't wanna be near wolverine when he's in his animalistic feral state.
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One of my earliest childhood memories of comic books, even before I realized who the X-Men were, was Uncanny 213. Seeing Sabretooth stalk the X-Mansion on his lonesome and square off w/ this superhero ('cause he had a mask), then lick his freaking blood...

That's the prime Sabretooth / Wolverine dynamic IMO, Creed being bigger, stronger, and faster. It's the adamantium skeleton and claws the Weapon X program forced on Logan that ironically gives him the fighting chance he otherwise never had against that beast. Yes, the bone claws, but this was long before that development.

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Victor is stronger, faster, more animalistic as he has given in to his inner beast. Logan is more skilled and has Ady laced bones. I think this fight should always be a brutal, bloody, violent close one. Sabes used to win a lot, lately Logan has been winning a lot. I don't care who wins because at the end I feel like they both come away from the fight beat, hurt, and angrier and more violent then when they first step into the fight. They bring out the worst in one another, their hate is so strong and old its as if no one ever wins, they fight they f*ck eachother up and they leave til the next time.

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Victor has been treated as a major jobber to Logan on too much of a consistent basis for me to believe he is anything but a hindrance to Logan. The guy beat him like what? Six times last year?

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@cannot_be_named: Sabertooth has around Spider-man level of Super human strength, he's got a healing factor that matches Wolverine. There's also the reach factor since Wolverine is like 5'3" and Sabertooth is like 6'10"

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@god_spawn: Yeah, Creed's defeats are amplified by the multiple comic book, cartoon, and film universes where he's constantly getting Worfed.

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@god_spawn: For the first 20 or so years of their comic battles Sabertooth was beating Wolvie down on a pretty regular basis then some time around 2002 when Marvel decided to turn Wolverine from standard badass to unstoppable human buzzsaw.

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@fesak: It's like Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker but X-Men style XD

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Wolverine would beat him and has beaten him before sabretooth is larger and is also fast but when wolverine is on his best form and releases his true anger with his best fighting skills and jumps high he would be able to beat him and also because of his adrenaline factor but would at the end of the day still be a tough fight for him

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