Wolverine Public Identity

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Hi, i've got a question about Wolverine's identity - is it public known that Logan is Wolverine? X-Men, Avengers and other heroes know about that but what about ordinary people and media? For some reason he's wearing mask... 
Maybe it's a stupid question, but it really intrigues me :)

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All of his enemies know his identity. I don't really think of him operating as a public figure, but I guess he does these days so, yes, his identity could be considered public. He just just wears the costume out of preference these days, maybe to look more fearsome or to mentally get him into a combat mode since he's worn it for missions for so many decades now. The X-Force costume makes more sense since it's stealthy, but the bright yellow and blue costume doesn't really serve any utilitarian purpose.

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I forget what title it was in, but there was a scene in which Logan was in a bank.  While he's waiting in line to see the teller, some unfortunate criminal decides to rob the bank... Spider-Man shows up...  Anyway, Logan (who is NOT in costume) ends up showing his Avengers I.D. card to the teller.  I don't think he worries about having a secret identity.

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Never understood why he wears a mask, normally I'd think "to protect his face from injury or something", but he really doesn't have to worry about that now does he?

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He wears the mask for one of the same reason Captain America wore his it was part of his costume.
 It was to make him look like a superhero and not a spy or black ops guy for the public image. 
He continued to wear it in the X-Men for the same reason.
Wolverine's identity isnt secret he is well known by his name and aliases since he has been on television when S.H.I.E.L.D. had wanted to arrest him.
Wolverine has basically been America's most wanted man with face and name splattered on the T.V. screen since joining the Avenger he has seen more camera time with and without his Mask.

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