Wolverine Origins #39 Reviewed, Behold The Face Of Romulus

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From the grumbling I've been hearing, it doesn't seem people have been too keen on Wolverine Origins lately.  I'll admit the series hasn't totally captivated me either.  I still like Wolverine despite all the complaints that he just appears everywhere.  Given the fact that he does appear in so many titles, Origins isn't my favorite one.  If you have been reading Origins, you know that some dude named Romulus has been behind the scenes and manipulating Logan's life.  We finally get to see what he looks like in this issue.

Even though Romulus tried sabotaging my video, we finally get to see what he looks like.  As I stated in the video, I'm not really sure if I dig his look.  He should be the ultimate badass since he's been manipulating the likes of Wolverine, Sabretooth, Cyber, Omega Red, etc.  I'm also not crazy when new characters are added and then we're told that they've been a huge part of the comic's universe but we just never saw them before.  
What are your thoughts on Romulus?  Are you okay with him hiding behind the scenes all this time?  Do you like his look?  Does it look like he only has three fingers and a thumb?  Are you still buying this series?  Are you going to check out the next issue that will (most likely) have a fight between Wolverine and Romulus?
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I think you described exactly what's wrong with the concept of Romulus; he simply appeared and was introduced as the most important character in Logan's life, while all this time we haven't heard or seen anything. That's what's wrong with him; he was invented to retcon Wolverine's past. Before all this Logan just got dealt the crap end of the stick, he was a tragic guy with awful luck. To find out that all of that was orchestrated by Romulus somehow makes less  of an impact. 
I think the idea of Romulus himself as a character is bad too. Some kind of 'godfather' of all feral mutants? Oh please give me a break. And Henry McCoy hasn't figured this 'strand of evolution' out in all the years he's been researching? Sigh. 
To top this, the writing's dull. I have a huge feeling of 'blahblah...I don't care' when I read this series. That's why I've decided after next issue to quit reading it. I gave it a shot (got bored with it around january already), but it just doesn't do anything for me and I rather spend money on something I like.
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i think that Romulus is like that with his claws because he (and wolverine) are descendants of the lupine clan, kinda like dogs if I remember?  
He does look pretty cool but I woulda thought thered be a bit more metal for some reason and maybe a few more scars?

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Romulus is a stupid retcon that will take his place next to the side of Norman and Gwen's kids in due time.

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not to sure about those adamantium claws over his thumps
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BOSS FIGHT!!!!  I don't think the story is very good, but the fight in the next issue will be entertaining enough, I wonder if Wolvie will have to use his environment to take out Romulus...jeez I've been playing way to many video games lately

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You've said everything I've ever thought about the retcon character concept and you mentioned those characters I don't like so I'm glad I'm not the only one who had that opinion, G-Man. 
  I think this also applies to the craptastic Sentry "storyline" and character and is partly why I don't like him.  
Regarding Romulus,  the only interest is the slight resemblance to Wolverine.  Hhm.   Wild Child did look like some type of douchebag elf. 
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Earth-1610 Ultimate
romulus............i always pictured him as a groomed  and tidy looking individual with prestige, with  some sort of nice suit or ancient fancy looking wardrobe, black hair combed back along with 2 longer bangs (kinda like ult. quicksilver), no facial hair, with 4 small sharp teeth (  like vampires but not as long) appearing old as in late 30's maybe early 40's, smelling of many different  exotic fragrances. (similar to that immortal guy from that TMNT movie max winters). after all, he has lived for a very long time, he's a former warlord in ancient time so this somehow has to reflect on him and i'm sure if he wants to be seen by others, he would look his finest, like someone who manifest great wisdom and power with an aura of '' i'd best think twice/thrice about messin with this guy''  and not perceived as a bum, or primitive and wild,like wolverine or sabertooth.............although, i do like his 4 claws. personally i think it looks cool.
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I picked it up and will read it today

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i think i thought of his lookng like ares really  that was the only picture you really see of him ever
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Remember Wolverine: The End? Romulus is Wolverine's brother! Bet you anything, bet you anything! The facial features are quite similar and Romulus & Wolverine's brother  both have four claws. I knew from the mentioning of Romulus, who else could it be who knew Wolverine from the beginning.
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It looks like somebody sabotaged your lights...

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Romulous looks horrible. The 4 claws I think are corny and I don't like how he's supposed to have been behind the scenes this whole time. Wild Child is a chump too!

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I think he looks awsome.  the combo of Sabretooth and wolverine.  What else did people expect
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They shoulda made him more animal like....
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no wait a minute? people are still buying this series??? 
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@reaper2923 said:
" It looks like somebody sabotaged your lights... "
Be thankful I edited out the minute and a half of me slowly making my way across the long room off camera (the only light switch is way over by the door).  There's a bunch of stuff around so I didn't want to trip (and fall into the incinerator).  Halfway through I realized I had my phone in my pocket and could use it as a light.
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dang, how did logan get his memory back.

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WildChild does look like a Lord of the Rings Emo-Elf reject.
That fourth claw is just silly. The cool thing about Wolverine is that they give you a reason as to where his claws are hidden Where does that thumb joint claw hide? Romulus looks like he's suppose to be some combination for many characters.
Does Romulus still have some juice in him? Well, Larry King is still having children. Anything is possible.

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@cascadeking09 said:
" dang, how did logan get his memory back. "
Unless that's been retconned, during House Of M, he had all  his memories.  When things reverted back to 'normal,' he still had his memories.
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@G-Man: that's great, i thought he would never get his memory back.
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Romulus reminds me of a hybrid of Sabretooth/Wolverine (the anime version) but I havent read this issue at all but I might pick up this issue since theyre basically having a fight to the finish to see who's going to Romulus' protigee
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I read issue #39, (Omega Red, why?! Love that guy.... why did they have to pick him off?).  So far, yeah I expect Romulus to be buff, but you can curl the fingers in the hand to make it look like one has three fingers and a thumb. The over the thumb claws? They might serve their purpose later one, all we see is Romulus standing there, we haven't exactly seen him in fight yet. In the next issue (when and if there's a fight) we'll probably see Romulus' style of combat, that's why I haven't put him down yet. All we've seen is him pulling the strings, now we get a chance to see him in action, usually someone like that, who's waited that long to carry out his plan to the end. Has a vast amount of patience and has a whole lot of power to boot.

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Now is there any way that this Romulus might be a revamped version of John Howlett, wolverine's older brother,cuz we saw the claw marks on Wolverine's mother in the original Origins miniseries. Plus we saw him in 'Wolverine the End' so could they be bringing John into the mainstream? Truth be told i can't think of anyone else who could have been doing this to Wolverine for so long that would make sence. Am i wrong here? Let me know.

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could be his grandpa

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I'm not really feeling Mega-Wolverine. The concept was cool but the execution seemed rushed.

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Oh man he looks boring...don't they run this by other people and ask them about how he looks?maybe it's for the best hopefully Wolverine will be his successor and slice his head off too.They really need to think of something different, than just moving the claw placement and the amount of claws, to diversify the Wolverine family...yes it hurt to say that and people talk about DC having legacy characters...Daken's 3rd claw is ridiculous as well but I think they've out done themselves with this one I don't care if he is supposed to be less evolved than Wolverine the only other claw placement I can accept is X-23's.Daken should have had 2 claws only or 3 like his daddy's and Romulus should have looked like the first pic they showed.

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Like you G-Man I need to see Romulus in action before I make a final assessment . His look is kind of interesting since he looks like a combination of Creed and Logan. After all he did tell Wolverine he is what he'll become.

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He reminds me of John Howlett in Wolverine:The End. He even has some sort of oriental markings on those wristbands. (John resided in Japan) But yeah, this isn't what i pictured him too look like AT ALL. I thought he's be more feral looking. More animal like. The claws are just over the top. IDK what Way is thinking here but hopefully he can explain it all really well.

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Romulus kind of looks like an old mage, not the character he was seen as. 
Plus he kind of has longshot hands so...

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I keep thinking of the Marvel comics from the 60s when I look at this title: "Behold The Face Of...ROMULUS!"

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i know i dont post on here much anymore ...but i do come on from time to time to watch vids and stuff ...and i have to ask if G-man will know or not ..its kinda random ..but is the music you use for the background from Shadowrun the game on the Sega Genisis ., i dont know why lol i just got stuck on that lol.

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@Deathshroud said:
" i know i dont post on here much anymore ...but i do come on from time to time to watch vids and stuff ...and i have to ask if G-man will know or not ..its kinda random ..but is the music you use for the background from Shadowrun the game on the Sega Genisis ., i dont know why lol i just got stuck on that lol. "
Between you and I, most of my music I "borrowed" from the Giant Bomb guys.  I believe they were commissioned by them.  They may have been inspired by some other songs.  But I pretty much only use music that "we" own for copyright purposes.
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I agree with the G-Man. Romulus looks too much like wolverine and sabertooth, not enough to be his own character visually because now he just looks like a mash-up

#34 Posted by notaclue777 (44 posts) - - Show Bio

is it me or does it look like they merged wolverines looks and sabretooths? he has Short and Long hair, he has claws that come out of his skin (like wolverine) and long sharp nails (like sabretooth). Over all I think he is a logan/victor hybrid.
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just chek it out does have a wierd claw on his thumb but he kinda looks like my gramps on roids.not shur that i care for him or wild child im hoping hell kill them both soon. thank god for the old man logan searies i kinda like the action in the answer to why he didnt pop the claws  keeps the blood and guts fans happy hura!
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I have a deep feeling that Wolverine is going to turn coat and try and bring back Sabretooth.

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I can't believe people don't like Wolverine Origins that much.  Its my favorite series. 
I was very pleased with the way Romulus turned out.  Really cool!  BTW, he only has gloves, not real claws.   
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God I love that stupid, dorky, goofy voice you did for Wild Child. I really hate that character now. He so lame you could put him as the main character for Barney or something. Actually, when you did the voice, he reminded me of Orlando Bloom playing that elf-dude from LOTR. 
It really does get kind of lame knowing that someone was really manipulating Logan's life, and that he wasn't just unlucky. But on the other hand, I'm a person who likes to know what happens next, so bring on this year's roll of comics!
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Any idea what Kanji marks on hes gloves mean or got tranlate for those? kkthxbb
BTW think he turned out cool

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why dosent he get his bones covered in adamantium
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Wolverine, Sabertooth, Omega Red.

Why doesn't he get Adamantium Bones. Most likely because he saw what it does to Wolverine, how it poisons him, and slows down his Healing Factor.

Now if Romulus also possesses a healing factor and Death Factor together, that would be great. That way, Romulus could always come back to life if "killed" by absorbing someone else's life force like Omega red can. Also would be great if Romulus possessed organic tendrils in his arms too.

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