Wolverine on the Avengers 2,3 or 4

#1 Posted by clumsyninja (143 posts) - - Show Bio

Would you like to see Hugh Jackman in a future avengers movie ?

#2 Posted by RisingBean (4958 posts) - - Show Bio

Not particularly. As it stands, due to legal concerns I really don't have to worry about it.
#3 Posted by theicon (1795 posts) - - Show Bio

yes i would

#4 Posted by gravitypress (2066 posts) - - Show Bio

I would like to see him kicked off the Avengers comic.

#5 Posted by ssejllenrad (12790 posts) - - Show Bio

I would want a Wolverine in Avengers but not pretty boy Jackman.

#6 Posted by Suiken_Seiji (520 posts) - - Show Bio

No... Wolverine shouldn't even be on the Avengers in the comics, little alone be in the movie.
#7 Posted by Timandm (3316 posts) - - Show Bio

Gotta agree with Suikan...  Even though I actually like Wolverine being on the Avengers, I'll admit, he really doesn't belong.
And as much as I like Hugh Jackman's portrayal of Logan, I don't want to see anyone play Wolverine in the movie...

#8 Posted by FearTheLiving (4456 posts) - - Show Bio

Fox X-men needs to stay away from the Avengers movie, really far away. Plus I really am not a fan of Wolverine so I wouldn't want him to appear even if Marvel got the characters back.

#9 Posted by Joesoef95 (315 posts) - - Show Bio

I don't know about Wolverine joining The Avengers but I'd love if Fox and Marvel studios make an agreement or something so that the X-men and Avengers live in the same universe. I'd be really awesome.

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