Wolverine movie photo, claws and knuckle duster. real kool!!

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Ok here are some images related to wolverine that I think you guys will like.

First off is the movie:

Then some guy called Nate in the movie wolverine poses, with some serious home made claws and everything. What a nerdy guy:

Another two showing they are fully retractable:

And another one that left me speechless:

Then some crazy knuckle dusters that look ridiculously kool (no joke its real), but the chances of you being able to cruise down the street with that ripping through your pocket are nil:

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Is it just me, or do the claws that Wolvie has in the movie look, in a way, better than before?

And those homemade claws are extremely awesome.......I wonder if they're made out of metal...?

(Wolvie knuckle duster....lol)

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#4 Posted by BlackPanther (551 posts) - - Show Bio

yeh they are metal and yeh the claws in the movie look much better. lol the knuckle duster looks good in real life.

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I think they're gradually switching to the movie look in the comics too.

#6 Posted by Barguest (5120 posts) - - Show Bio

Aaaaaaw yeah!!!

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Hey you found another image that I had already posted in the News section. :P

#8 Posted by BlackPanther (551 posts) - - Show Bio

G-Man says:

"Hey you found another image that I had already posted in the News section. :P"

LoL soz bro... i didn't check, next time i'll look first.

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