Wolverine fans, what needs to change.

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Logan is not as cool as he used to be, what needs to change. What would you like to see happen to him?

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Pick 4 books Wolverine can be in.

And that's it.

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He should only be in 1 xmen team book, 1 avengers team book, and 1 solo. That's it. And cut the hypocritical goody two shoes "kids shouldn't be soldiers, now I'm off to kill loads of people I've never met before without asking questions or trying a peaceful route first".

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Basically, just let him stay in one book. He's in too many books right now and it's making it harder to see what his true character is.

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It seems like if you hate Wolverine that much, hes dead in the UltraVerse so thats one solution, other then that I'd send him packing in the 616

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He needs to stay in ONE book and choose to be a killer or mentor to children.

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I love Logan--my favorite character--but, man, he is so overused. Pretty much all problems that Wolverine fans can pinpoint about the character stem from his oversaturation. I've mitigated this to an extent by only buying books that feature Wolverine if I like them for other reasons too--the days of me tracking the character and buying all books that he's featured in are long gone. What this amounts to is that I end up buying the solo series, usually one or two X-titles and, as of recently, Uncanny Avengers.

But, aside from the fact that he shouldn't be in more than, say, three titles every month, I think his personality is stretched and contorted now; there's no clear sense of who Logan is across each and every one of his appearances, and this is a huge issue. It's probably due mostly to the fact that so many different writers tend to use the character so differently and, as a consequence, sometimes lose the essence of who he is. A lot of writers seem to lose track of the internal struggle between man and beast that makes Logan so tragic; they seem to gloss over the fact that, at heart, he is an honorable and deferential man trying desperately to do the most good that he can given the cards that he's been dealt. These character traits are present in nearly all of the "essential" Wolverine stories that we talk about and they're what makes the character so relatable. I think a good example of Wolverine writing is in Uncanny X-Force. Remender gives Logan a unique voice, and certainly unique situations, but he keeps him very much grounded him his core personality traits. And, the best part, is that in UXF, Logan reads as a leader with experience and a conscious, despite how conflicted he has always been--you can tell that Remender's Logan is one who had grown into himself so to speak.

Another problem that I have with the recent stories has been the Loeb stuff. I think that all that Romulus junk totally complicates and already complicated timeline and is so muddled that it barely fits into continuity. I'm annoyed by any stories--with any character really--that strive to kind of lay every single detail about a character's history out on the table and say each things was due to one person or event.

Also, while we're all griping: some artists draw him as way too tall! I know it's been said before, but it's something that frustrates me.

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1. Remove Wolverine from every book without Wolverine or X-Men in the title. Personally I would also remove him from titles such as X-treme X-Men as well. So the only titles I would have him appear in on a regular basis would be All-New X-Men, Wolverine and the X-Men, and Wolverine. I'm not certain I'm buying into the whole Savage Wolverine concept yet. He also wouldn't be a member of Uncanny X-Men because that'll be Scott's team. So no more X-Force and Avengers.

2. Have Logan step down as the headmaster of the Jean Grey School. I just don't see him in such a leadership role. I believe Kitty has earned the job.

3. Wolvie has always had two roles in my opinion: loner and protector. Loner: That is why he could disappear from the X-Men and have his solo adventures. Protector: That is why Wolvie bonded with younger mutants like Kitty and Jubilee. I don't really think he was trying to be a mentor or a role model. He can still be the berserker that guards the JG school whenever it is threatened.

4. He has lost his anti-hero edge. Wolvie needs to do something so horrendous that the Avengers and School will ask him to step down from his roles. Just nothing to rival Cyke recent turn. Maybe Logan could slaughter a few foes. Preferably foes with ties to the Avengers.

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Wolverine is still a cool character but he is widely inconsistent as of now.

How to fix Wolvie:

  1. Have him leave the avengers
  2. Re-establish his relationship with Cyke ( pre schism)
  3. Do not let the character be written by multiple writers.
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to not be in every other book plus 2 or 3 of his own title name
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@Rabidwolfdog: except they immediately replaced him with a knock off Wolverine-light "Jimmy Howlett" instead of creating a new original character. Writers be running out of ideas

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why does wolverine have too much money in his pockets????its because he needs it for strippers..lol....jk

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"Oh no! Wolverine is overexposed & not cool anymore!"

If only Iron Fist & Moon Knight fans have the same problem as Wolverine fans.

Solution is simple, just read what you like & ignore the rest.

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Kick him out of the avengers. In my opinion, the character of Wolverine started to drag ever since he became an avenger.

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@Shamelesslysupportinaznballers said:

"Oh no! Wolverine is overexposed & not cool anymore!"

If only Iron Fist & Moon Knight fans have the same problem as Wolverine fans.

Solution is simple, just read what you like & ignore the rest.

Wolverine gives you more of a "choice" which cheapens his character.

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Step 1. Kill Wolverine (somehow) in every comic he's featured in right now.

Step 2. Revive Wolverine

Step 3. Create new comic that focuses solely on the resurrected Wolvie.

Step 4. ???

Step 5. PROFIT!1!!

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How many books is Wolverine on RIGHT now?

I thought it was 5, but everyone acts like its 15.


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@Yung ANcient One: It is much higher than 5 my friend.

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Savage Wolverine

Wolverine Max

Wolverine and the X-Men

All New X-Men

Uncanny Avengers


Xtreme X-Men

What else? First X-Men maybe?

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@knighthood said:


Savage Wolverine

II.Wolverine Max

Wolverine and the X-Men

All New X-Men

Uncanny Avengers


III.Xtreme X-Men

What else? First X-Men maybe?

I. Not out yet. As far as I know.

II. I thought that series had been ended like Uncanny X-Force

III. Thats ending, and its not even Wolverine(616)

So i count 5 with maybe First X-Men


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@Yung ANcient One: I think you are just trying to make your numbers match up. Wolverine Max is continuing per April's previews. What about Astonishing X-Men? Is he in regular X-Men (the current series)? I'm relieved he isn't in Uncanny X-Force anymore. I'm just rattling things of the top of my head. There is likely a few more.

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Lets add Astonishing X-Men, and say he is important there. On the flipside though... he hasn't been important on Avengers or Uncanny Avengers. Now I count 4 XP Seriously though I loved Uncanny X-Force, and I hate that it ended.  I honestly don't understand what is the big deal, or why it is such a huge problem for Wolverine to be in so many books. You don't have to buy all of them. Is it so hard for people to ignore things?  You are entitled to your own opinion.   I did find it annoying at 1st, but now it's not a big deal. I only get the books I'm interestes in. (+)
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Ferrel wolverine was a joke, much of the art work that followed was terrible...wolverine has not been the same since the late 90's, good job marvel. I'd like to see him go the opposite of ferrel and become more of an agent/operative again that actually uses his tactics, martial arts and weapons kills.

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I don't he has been written well over the last years and I think that needs to change.

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