Wolverine Fan Fight

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Meh, that wasn't that badass. Besides those dudes were nothing but fodder, Wolverine has looked badass against fodder in the movies.

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pretty cool.

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@_slim_ said:

Meh, that wasn't that badass. Besides those dudes were nothing but fodder, Wolverine has looked badass against fodder in the movies.

Agree. It's easy to look badass when there is no challenge.

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that was alright not really badass

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i think wolverine is sometimes misused. we need to see a movie with the real wolverine. him killin mass numbers of humans him being able to fight for days going on missions traveling for day and night assassinations torture the whole nine. i get tired of seeing this kid friendly wolverine that people would like. i want to see the man that used to go on killing sprees. was a wild animal. the assasin the canadian goverment agent. its the same story over and over again. no memory, weapon x, x men. gets old doesnt it. he was born in the 1880's it would be nice to see his life before the present a actual movie. remember also. wolverine is short and stocky. 5'3 230lbs i heard listed height and weight vary. but hes supposed to be short stocky and nimble. acrobatic. with a obvious hint of brutallity. but his preffered method of fighting is ninja like read the comics. so i want see sidesteps heads rollin. situational awareness sneekiness and the occasional american muscle that he carries around on that short frame. these movies nowdays suck with him because they get the wrong type of character. and play on the healing factor and claws to much. when sometimes wolvy would just beat that ass in fisty cuffs they hold him to the standard of a slugger and brute. instead of a ninja assassin and spy that he was for so many years. and people also dont know he went to the x men to kill professor x just so happen he had the possibility to get his memory back so he didnt so guess what that says to he does whatever he wants. so a little selfishness and ruthlessness would be cool to. sorry seeing stuff like this is annoying when your actaully a fan of comics and have to accept such a low standard nowdays.

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Well done fan film, but yeah he did stuff like that in X2.

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