Wolverine animé how I should do it.

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I am not aware if you heard but there is coming a new Wolverine anime. When I first saw the trailer I tought this isn't Wolverine!

  So you see it doesn't really look like Wolverine. I t didn't pleasure me at all but it started me thinking how cool a Wolverine animé would be.
First if you think this should be another Wolverine cartoon you're wrong. 
Points of differnce: 1 americain cartoon are often drawn cartoony and a little bit childish. (example spectacular Spider-man). But Animé is drawn with little details and very serious.
                                2: american cartoons do not like much blood and adult stuff in their cartoons. Animé can look at Afro Samurai.
If I made a anime I would still keep Wolverine true to his comic and don't make him a Japanese but keep him Canadian(A canadian drawn in an animé style). And the story would not be in the time of the x-men but Logan origins.
The anime would start if he was still a child and he discovers his power. Then his war times. (this would be just 1 episode). After this the real show would start and it would be about logan's time in the weapon X facilty and his trip tro Japan. The last episode should end with Cyclops contacting him and asking him if he wants to join a team. 
This show must be very true to the comics and don't do what x-men origins wolverine did.
Some of the characters that should be in the show are deadpool, sabertooth, omega red, silver samurai, silver fox ...
What do you guys think wouldn't that be awesome.
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The basics of your Anime concept are promising. I think it would be nice to concentrate mainly on the war events and the waepon X arc, and also focus on Wolverine's change of presonality, point of view, values etc. Ands ome cool one liners, definately some cool one liners!
I for one would also love to see a Wolverine story in the present, where Wolverine tries to patch up his memories, becoming crazed in the process and tormented by sudden memory outbursts, and becoming schizophreinc for a while, beig forced to face his earlier personalities, fighting to prove who the "real" Logan is. It could be somewhat similar the story of Planescape: Torment, which is the best RPG ever made for the PC in my eyes.

Regarding this Anime: basically I wouldn't mind the creators of it moving a little bit from the mainstream Wolverine picture if it would offer us some new, unique expreience. This version of Logan, however, is just your cliché skinny cool smile kliing machine pretty boy you can find dozens of in mediocre Animes. I'd love to see a unique, substancial animated series of Wolverine, may it be cartoon or Anime, tha has authentic Wolverine material as basis that is made original by viewing it from a new aspect.

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Gambit987 its a good idea but i think it should start with wolverine in japan have his whole struggle with the silver samurai 
we see wolverine fight sabretooth in everything and its pretty much always the same fight kinda boring if yur gonna have wolverine in japan keep it authentic
not to say that people from his past couldn't track him down to japan but have it be someone that we wouldn't think of not the same weapon x people from 
every wolverine story. i think that if they kept to his whole way of the samurai storyline it would be a pretty good anime as long as the don't shoot him in the head at the end so he forgets everything.
(gosh wolverine origins sucked)

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So far it's pretty good to me just watched the first episode...it shows how skilled wolverine really is as a fighter...a lot of people think he just doesn't show skill at all just slashes

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I've seen all I needed to see.
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@Gregomasta: That was brilliant
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@Gregomasta: LMFAO
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