Wolverine #61 **SPOILER**

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So, Wolverine's healing factor has been retconed back to it's previous level and is no longer ridiculous so he won't be walking as a skeleton out of liquid metal anymore. And his soul is no longer immortal so we can't expect him to constantly die and come back.

Your thoughts?....

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About time. His healing factor should never of gotten that far out of hand.

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it sounds like marvel is trying to bring their characters back down to a more relatable level?

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Andferne says:

"About time. His healing factor should never of gotten that far out of hand."

Yeah, I agree. I think it started when Wolverine survived one of Nitro's explosions during the Civil War.

So many fans wrote in complaining...and then there was the stupidness of the last Wolverine annual.

I'm glad because now they won't have Wolverine get blown up, dropped from a plane, fall in a vat of liquid metal, ect., just to show his healing factor. They'll have him trying not to get hurt and being the fighter he is. This is one retcon I am happy to see. Quesada must have had nothing to do with it.

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