Wolverine 55 review

#1 Posted by fesak (6994 posts) - - Show Bio

OK, i can't even describe how bad the latest Wolverine story was. But Paul O'Brien can, check it out:


I completely agree with him on every point, this is so bad i'ts not even funny. I'm certain that anyone who knows who Wolverine is can write up a better story.


#2 Posted by Liverwurst (881 posts) - - Show Bio

Something I noticed, Wolverine's new history is remarkably similar to what was revealed about him in Paradise X.

#3 Posted by Shatterstar (4437 posts) - - Show Bio

Loeb is a chronic retconner, bugs me. I don't know if my scorn should be saved for the editors that let him get away with it.

#4 Posted by NiteFly (1459 posts) - - Show Bio

Rather than pissing all over the origin of a great character Loeb should have worked to tie Wolverine: Origin (a beautiful piece of work) into official continuity. I blame both him and the editors. I wholeheartedly agree that while Wolverine: Origins is shit, at least it didn't do any real damage to the character. The whole "Wolverine is really a mutated wolverine" idea was ditched a long time ago for a good reason. Loeb had no good reason to try to revive the idea. I just hope that someone comes along soon and fixes this mess with another retcon.

As a display of how generous I am I will even throw out a few story ideas for marvel to cover up the mess:

  1. Simply ignore it and write something better (or use Origin).

  2. Wolverine/Sabretooth/everyone else haphazardly thrown into the story were mind-controlled to make them believe that they were all descendants of an ancient line of wolf people, but they never were.

  3. Write an official retraction in Wizard and give Loeb a swift kick in the balls. Blame his ignorance on drugs and put him in rehab to shape back up before allowing him to pick up a pen.

Seriously, how the hell do the editors at Marvel allow calamities like this to occur?

#5 Posted by Darkchild (40545 posts) - - Show Bio

ok so how did Feral die

#6 Posted by Mantid (4417 posts) - - Show Bio

I hated this story. All I have to say.

#7 Posted by Phorqe (2109 posts) - - Show Bio

I haven't read much Wolverine lately, I picked up a few of the new origins books a few months ago. There was one where he finally met his son Daken, and there was no dialogue at at all. It took like two minutes to read. I was a little disappointed. The art was ok and all but that was still the quickest book I've ever read.

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