Wolverine 310. I have questions. Spoilers inside. please help

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Okay. Here's what I recall. All of a sudden, it turns out Wolverine is being manipulated by Romulus his entire life, and Wolvie has a son Da'ken.

A feral Sabretooth meets up with the Legendary Murasma blade and has an arm cut off, and then his head. Wolvie buries him.

Wolverine Goes to hell, meets up with the dead Sabretooth, blah blah blah.

In 310, Wolvie "digs" up the corpse, wherein the body has barely decayed, has both arms attached, but is decapitated

Wolvie later meets up with Romulus(who is free) in the house where Silver Fox died (has it been re-retconned that Sabes killed her instead of an angry mob , or does he mean when Sabes killed her during Wolverine 64 under control of the PSI-Borg?)

So, are we supposed to believe that the Creed buried was not the real Creed?

Are we supposed to believe that the Creed in Hell was not the real Creed?

Are we supposed to believe that Creed wouldn't visit Logan on his birthday?

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Yes because wolverine super sense fail when he kills his iconic enemy.

Or marvel just thinks where stupid.

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@Crimsonlord53: I quit reading after Sabe died, came back b/c he was supposed to be in the Hell arc, have been reading since then. Will quit again after I saw Romulus is back. SHIT, he's useless.

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I think maybe Creed's body healed itself right before the body died either that or...clone

maybe Romulus is a powerful mutant who found a way out of the Dark Dimension

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I think it was all a game with the mind of Logan and the Creed he killed was a clone and the real one has been in that test tube all along.

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-i think marvel is trying to phase out the weapon-x part of silver fox that she was killed in the log cabin by creed

-what we are reading now took place right after so it hasn't been years but a few hours as the dialogue between logan and romulus tell you .

- i think with the realization and roller coaster ride of fighting creed and at last taking out his foe , logan didnt care at that point . the thrill of the fight+ killing his old nemesis gave him a endorphin rush , so he got careless.

- i believe he killed creed and we are seeing a clone . they did have what seemed like hundreds of creeds in tubes.

- if this is the genuine article maybe that whole excursion into hell also took just a few minutes/hours instead of the week we had demon-wolvie rampaging.

- maybe hell was just logan hallucinating , healing, and trying to fight off the possession , puck came back too . nobody delved into what happened with him...

where did it state creed wouldn't visit logan on his birthday?

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@SoA: b-day. i just recall a b-day party in one of the .1 issues. no creed

did u notice creed corpse wasnt properly dismembered?

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@perry_411: if you mean after creed's defeat it kinda explains it self lol , other than that i do not remeber creed missing one

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@SoA: Just that his arm should be cut off, it's clearly not.

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@perry_411: if ur gnna mention the arm u should mention his decapitation too , the n u have a one arm ,no head creed making no sense with his threats

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I blame Loeb

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@x_29: Nothing's really making any sense in Marvel now. I'm very close to bailing on Wolverine and Uncanny X-Force. I'm about done with non-dc and I've been reading marvel for 15 years.

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