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Did any readers squirm a bit at that final page of Wolverine #306? I mean, not just because of the gruesome images of Dr. Rot's gang, but how similar they look to the Dollmaker's gang in the new 52 reboot of Detective Comics. With Cullen Bunn at the helm of Wolverine, I have no doubt I will enjoy this story infinitely more than the Detective Comics story, and I know the groundwork for Rot's family was established by Jason Aaron a while back, but I think less astute readers are going to assume these Wolverine foes are rip-offs of the new Batman foes. Those issues of Detective Comics achieved huge sales and it was in a pretty recent story that is still fresh in the heads of all those readers.

It frustrates me a bit that people may come to the conclusion that writers like Cullen Bunn or Jason Aaron are ripping off Tony Daniel, or all people. As cool as I personally think this story is, a part of me kind of wishes they'd have worked harder at accentuating differences between those villains and these ones.

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I thought the same thing when I saw it.But for now Cullen Bunn's story isn't really good for me.

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