Why Wolverine is so awesome...

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Wolverine kicks @$$ and he is hott, his adamantium skeleton is awesome, he has super healing, and his claws rock this world, if anyone would like to say someting NICE(And if its anything but nice then your in for it buddy!) please you are welcome to. i love to have allies so yah, if you want to be my friend please let me know, but i do love an enemy here and there, so either way...i would love to hear from you


#2 Posted by crazy spidey (3474 posts) - - Show Bio

how bout an original thread like "STFU" or "I couldnt care less so stop making stupid repect threads and just changing the name'

#3 Posted by pixelized (49086 posts) - - Show Bio

yeah i thought wolverine already had a love thread

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