Who's the bigger playboy?

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Just thinking about it, I thought Batman was the one with he biggest "little black-book" but if you think about it... ....Wolverine's had a lot of ladies. Not counting his AU life, lol. Sorry bad joke:B. 
I mean he's had what.... Rose(some Irish girl right?), he had a fling with Storm if I'm right... or an attraction? (I forget^^;;),  once had a relationship with Ms. Marvel/Carol Danvers, Lady Mariko, Atsuko, Yuko (they were involved right?),  then there's Cassie Lathrop, he got married to Viper once, then there was that short lady Seraph,  Gahck ,  then Native, also there ws Itsu (Daken's mother), and then Domino. Lets not also forget Melita Garner and he's had a fling with Mystique, also one of his earlier lovers Silver Fox. Yeah I know its not chronologically correct.
Then in some alternate comics, he had a wife named Maureen, another comic had him married to Elecktra, then another one had him with Sara Pezzini, Red Sonja, Storm, and Jean Grey or Madelyne Pryor etc. He's also had an attraction to Heather/Vindicator, Amir an altanean, and Jean Grey. He's got a longer list than Bruceo___O... 
But maybe I'm wrong, Nightcrawler had his share of romance. And Iron Man's has a reputation of Batman's love life. Tell me who do you guys think is the bigger playboy?

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Yeah, Wolverine is the best there is. He had plenty of one night stands (especially in his one-shots and minis). But there are more major characters on his love intrests list.
Don't forget Tyger Tiger. They were together in Madripoor.
And he kissed Rogue, too.

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thought he was with storm once too.... squirrel girl too haha 

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Logan is pretty um..charming.
From a female perspective, I wouldn't shoo him away.....you know what I mean?
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Since they haven't been named or numbered I'd assume Gambit. Lol. He's such a sl*t. XD

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he was brainwashed when he married viper.
iron man is pretty bad.  he slept with she-hulk while lying to her about her cousin.  then she found out less than 2 days later and he depowered her.  
if i were shulkie i dont think his extremis tech would help him from the kind of pain I'd give him. 

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Whoah whoah, wolvie slept with Ms. Marvel? When... was it recently?

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That dwarf's a playboy? Hahaha.

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@Sexy Merc: Women like men. Smelly, hairy, strong men.
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Playboy? I think I misunderstand the meaning? Anyway Hercules is a bigger hit with the ladies, and its canon he is a better lover than both Wolverine and Batman. Plus Hercules doesn't discriminate either, he's even started moving onto males, and beasts. He has more money than both, owns various breweries, and children's hospitals and is one of thew few characters hairier than both as well. Better beard, wears less clothes, his partners were tougher and cooler too. When have either Wolverine or Batman had a beer with Galactus? Playboy sounds too lame for Hercules really, he is a Playman (okay that sounds worse but yea you get the idea lol)

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Wolverine has a dirty charm about him, it's hard to explain but some women, like myself, LOL can't help but find irresistible.
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@Sabbatha said:
" @SC: 
Wolverine has a dirty charm about him, it's hard to explain but some women, like myself, LOL can't help but find irresistible. "
Oh haha, don't mind me, my representing for the Prince of Power does not mean I deny the attractiveness that fuzzy ball of fur that calls himself Wolverine. I can understand, even as a male, that he is very charming in a raw and primal way. So yes, definitely some potential to be irresistible, and no one will argue that he is very dirty. lol ^_^

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