Who's more skilled Captain America or Wolverine?

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Wolverine 10 times more

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Skilled in what exactly? If its combat, I am probably going to go with Wolverine.

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Wolverine easily.

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Skill wise. IMO Cap is portrayed more consistently skilled by different writers but truth be told at times Wolverine can be showed just as skilled or more skilled.

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Well, Wolverine has his ferocity, but his attacks are generally untrained swings, aggressive and effective but without finesse. Cap, to contrast, is extremely well trained and has had many years of tactical training with the US military.

It's definitely a close call, but I'm gonna be the outsider and say Cap.

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@End_Boss: I don't see how Cap is more skilled? He couldn't even beat Wolverine when Logan barely had a healing factor and use of his claws, nor could he best him without outside interference in their last fight.

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@god_spawn: I don't mean as a hand-to-hand combatant, I mean as a tactician. To give you an example, I think Captain America would know how to better make use of the terrain at hand than would Wolverine. I'm sure there are better examples, but that's the only one that immediately leaps to mind.

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@End_Boss: That honestly depends on the environment and situation. Cap wouldn't last long against Logan in a forest setting yet I wouldn't put Logan as a leader over Cap when it's a team ordeal on a bigger battlefield.

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Captain America has the advantage in tactics. That's not to say he isn't an extremely capable combatant (he's beaten Logan hand-to-hand before), but his skills lie in preparation and studying the enemy's weaknesses.

Wolverine has the advantage in straight-up combat though. Aside from the whole unbreakable skeleton thing, he's also had decades more experience than Cap and has probably studied more fighting styles as well.

Take your pick.

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In tactics and leadership, Captain America. Hands down.

In fighting skills, it's Wolverine. He has much more experience in that field.

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This is only a little relevant but how old was Logan when Cap was born? Any estimate on that?

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@Pokeysteve: In his 50 or 60's.

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If written correctly, Wolverine should win due to his extended lifespan/experience, but Captain America's abilities are more honed in hand-to-hand combat, so most writers don't want to make Logan win and have his character superior to Steve in every single way.

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Cap's a better strategist, he could come up with a plan to take Wolverine down. Wolverine is a better tactician, he would know the tools needed to take Cap down. And I think a straight up fight I think the longer the battle lasted the better Wolverine would do.

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Wolverine but Cap's a better strategist.

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@god_spawn: Nice! Thank you.

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As much as I hate to admit it, Wolverine is a far better H2H fighter. However; Cap is a better leader and strategist.

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Captain America is the more skilled hand-to-hand fighter.

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@Ultra_Girl_ said:


Depends on who's writing Wolverine at the time.

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wolverine was trained as a samurai and has been able to go throughout the 1900s training and learning how to fight better while captain america was being pumped full of serum. and then after WW2 cap was frozen and wolverine had more time to train

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The argument can be made that Cap is just as skilled.
First and foremost Cap's brain is enhanced, which would explain why he is so skilled in the short amount of time that he was in WW2.  Even if it was what just 4-5 years before he was put under ice?  Kang stated he became adept in a art that other warriors would take a decade to get good at.
As for experience well he gained loads of it after WW2 especially during the Korvac time loop saga. I'm talking like 100 years or more worth of experience.

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Anyone remember their fight from the Wolverine: Origins series? Cap and Wolverine are fighting and both of them aren't holding back. Wolverine even goes as far as saying he might kill him to end the fight. Cap tackles him to the ground and crushes the tendons in his forearms with his bare hands, causing his claws not to come out. Logan responds by kicking him in the thigh causing a massive hematoma, which Wolverine explains might kill him.

It was an interesting issue because you got to see just what happens when 2 of Marvel's most skilled people fight eachother. But if I had to pick either as to who was the better of the 2, I would go with Cap. Think about it: Wolverine is technically much stronger and faster then Cap, right? He also has the healing factor to boot. So for Cap to be able to keep up with him (and any of the people he fights, really) must truly make him one of the greatest fighters ever. But I think both of them share an equal ability, which is not being able to back down, no matter what the circumstances are.

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When you make threads like this you should put them in a neutral forum. Otherwise the post kinda end up being lop sided because of the people that follow the forum.

I feel like Cap is probably the better fighter.

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Think about it: Wolverine is technically much stronger and faster then Cap, right?

He should be stronger being low level superhuman, but Cap's strength feats put him close enough so there doesn't seem to be a large gap. Same in speed. They both have been able to tag faster characters and have been able to tag and dodge each other themselves rather evenly. So there is no huge gap. Logan, when he was just a brawler, was getting curbstomped by Shang-Chi despite a higher stat gap than he had over Steve. And Shang isn't even Cap level in skill. When Wolverine became a more established fighter ended up beating Shang in 3 pages on pure skill. So the whole stat argument doesn't stick.

He also has the healing factor to boot.

In the very fight you mentioned, Logan's healing factor was hardly present since he was a non stop roll of fighting. He couldn't even heal the crushed tendons fast enough to where Cap was able to effectively throw his main weapons out the window for a good amount of time.

So for Cap to be able to keep up with him (and any of the people he fights, really) must truly make him one of the greatest fighters ever.

Yes. Only in the sense because Wolverine is more skilled than he is. It has nothing to do with Logan's stats because he does not hold a massive stat edge over Cap. Wolverine told Steve straight up in that fight that Wolverine himself was better. He was getting beaten for awhile, his healing factor was burning out, and Steve still could not get the job done since a hindered Wolverine has been able to be KO'd by Cap in Enemy of the State when Logan was in a similar situation by fighting for awhile and Cap came up behind him unnoticed and slammed him with that shield in the back of the neck. Considering Cap has shaken bricks with that shield and thrown it through trucks, he packs a punch. Logan's had Cap beat quite more often than Steve has had him and Wolverine's track record is better than Steve's against other skilled opponents which include Cap himself.

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Wolverine is

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Captain America. He mastered more martial arts

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