Who do u think is a better side kick with Wolverine...

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#51 Posted by castleking (24747 posts) - - Show Bio

Wolverine needs his own Wolverine Den and have Jubilee, X-23, Elsie Dee as his side kick and Albert as the Den guard and computer guy.

#52 Posted by Warlord (73 posts) - - Show Bio
it wouldnt be psylocke's sidekick psylocke would be wolverine's sidekick
#53 Posted by Warlord (73 posts) - - Show Bio

okay seriously wolverine could do a team-up with either of them but hes a loner all the way so a sidekick is a bad idea.
#54 Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt (14358 posts) - - Show Bio

i cant choose between kitty and jubes.


i  guess logan shoulod either be on his own or be with a partner not a sidekick.

#55 Posted by Aero_gt (846 posts) - - Show Bio

Since when would Wolverine EVER need a sidekick? He's a loner and immortal (doesn't die easy if at all), whoever he partners with has to be able to not die aswell and unfortunately a female ally would make him weaker Kitty can't phase forever, X-23 is weaker than Logan and can get captured easily, Psyloche can die, Nightcrawler can die, Havok is a leader and has his own posse, plus he'd be too slow to keep up with Logan.  Deadpool would be good, but yeah I'm pretty sure Logan would get tired of his talkative self...-3- Logan is best by him self or taking orders from much better leaders like that of the X-men and the Avengers.
#56 Posted by castleking (24747 posts) - - Show Bio

actually Kitty phased state is her default setting so it should be changed to she cant stay solid forever

#57 Posted by mewmdude77 (1000 posts) - - Show Bio

Can Wolverine have a partner instead of a sidekick please???

#58 Posted by Iron_Lad (325 posts) - - Show Bio

It seems like Hope wants to be Wolverine's sidekick too, but Wolverine wants nothing to do with her.

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