Which should I buy two trades or one hardcover?

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There's been two stories I've been wanting to read for a while now and I can buy them in trades but I'm having a problem on which format to buy them. I've been wanting to read Enemy of the State and Old Man Logan & I can't decide whether I should buy them in the separate trades or wait and buy Wolverine by Mark Millar Omnibus which has both stories in one hardcover. Which sounds better to own: Two separate books or one hardcover containing both stories?

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I'd think it was a personal preference really. Me personally, I like the paperbacks cause they're easier to hold and read; not as heavy especially if reading in bed.

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Paper backs are my preference. Don't really like the feel of a hard cover book when I'm reading comics. It's up to you and you likes and dislikes when it comes to reading.

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