Where does wolverine claws come out of?

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so do they pop out of his knuckles? inbetween his knuckles? or somewhere else? also is it the same for daken and x-23?

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Between the knuckles and into the logic center of the brain.

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Depends...used to be they came from his backhand just above the spaces in his knuckles...as time went on though they moved down in between his knuckles....those mettle things on his gloves in the 90's animated series used to be part of his claws back in the olden days

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I think it's between his knuckles nowadays, and Daken's and X-23's come out from two of the spaces between the knuckles.

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Between the knuckles and into the logic center of the brain.

lol right on

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I think the claws are supposed to run along the tops of his forearms and come out in between, but also just above his knuckles. Although it really only works with the way his claws are drawn sometimes. The thicker, more blade-like ones run into some problems there and he would need a whole extra system of muscles in his arms to operate them.

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between the knuckles

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With X-23, her third claw comes out between her toes and Daken's third claw comes out just under his palm. I would say between the knuckles for the rest of the claws -- it's drawn on panel for all three character more that way than over/through knuckles.

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What what in the butt.


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