'The Wolverine' Trailer Preview

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Yesterday we saw a whopping six second preview of the upcoming trailer and today we've got a much better look at tomorrow's trailer. That's right, friends, we live in a world where trailers have their own trailers. Seeing as this is really the first solid look we're getting at the footage, I really can't complain. Once you're done watching the clip, be sure to sound off below with your thoughts.

Check the homepage tomorrow for the full trailer! The Wolverine claws its way into theaters July 26th and is directed by James Mangold.

Source: MTV News

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The last Wolverine left such a bad taste in the mouth, that it seems hard to want to see this movie. That being said, it definitely looks like better material already. Going to have to swallow pride, and give this a chance.

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Looks absolutely great...but I will withhold judgment until I've actually seen it. As we all know, Origins looked great on trailer too...

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