"The Wolverine" Gets a Release Date

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I didn't think they were anywhere near ready for this... but I guess making a movie in 17 months isn't unheard of these days. It'll be interesting to see if this is true.

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I hope its good. Not to state the obvious or anything...

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I thought this thread was going to be about Fox releasing Wolverine....guess not.

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@xerox_kitty: Hey, X-Men: First Class was mega-rushed, so I wouldn't doubt this info to be wrong at all.

@TheCrowbar: Psh. Like that'll ever happen, lol.

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hell, yeah bring on wolverine movie.

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Good...anything would be better than Origins: Wolverine

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Silver Samurai :D

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Hm... I'll wait for a trailer to care or not.

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Wolverine will beat Iron Man films sales

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I will give it a chance

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Hmm. Slated for a release after my final exams next year? 'Least it's something for me to look forward after a no doubt difficult year (which I am not looking forward to, one bit).

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Looking forward to it! Hope it's as good as the first two X-Men films (the best Wolverine movies so far... though to be fair I haven't seen X-Men Origins: Wolverine yet).

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As long as it is rated MA15+ or even R18+, I'll be happy. A Wolverine movie shouldn't be for kids.

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@WildValentine: While that is probably true, I don't see it happening. The studio is going to want to milk this film for as much money as they can get out of it.

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i hope its better then x-men origins wolverine.

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@WildValentine said:

As long as it is rated MA15+ or even R18+, I'll be happy. A Wolverine movie shouldn't be for kids.

Totally. They probably won't go for an R-rating, but we can always hope for an unrated director's cut on DVD.

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I'll wait for reviews before I even acknowledge that this exist.

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@LoganRogue24: So do I! "X-Men: Origins Wolverine" felt more like a cluttered mess than an actual origin story!

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what i hated about origins wolverine was the bone claws sinse x-1 showed in x rays his claws were implants in his arms. and i hated how the lab scene did not match up to his memory flashes in 1 and 2. and the set looked nothing like the one he finds 15 years later in x-men 2. i look at origins wolverine and x-3 as alternate dimessions of the x-men and the bryan singer films and first class are the real x-men universe thats how i see it in my head. cause x-3 and wolverine origins made no sense and dissreguarded the singer films anyway. i do love how x-men first class ignored x-3 and wolverine that was cool.

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@LoganRogue24: What? So in the "movieverse" continuity Wolvie doesn't get bone claws?! And yet, in the PREQUEL, he gets them ANYWAY?!... I'm starting to understand how Wolverine fanboys hate this movie so easily...

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wolverine origins and x-3 was stupid they made no sense.

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So a reboot to Wolverine origins ?

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@Fuchsia_Nightingale said:

So a reboot to Wolverine origins ?

Doubt it. Probably going to be the sequel to it.

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Didn't expect there to be a release date in the near future

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I'm not sure if this is a reboot or not, but I know they are ignoring Origins entirely.

Also, this was supposed to be filmed in Japan but the tsunami disaster stopped that from happening. That's part of why this movie has been pushed back so far.

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I hope this one will be better the Origins

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Damn. This is horrible.

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