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#51 Posted by MyNameWasDeleted (679 posts) - - Show Bio

@armiv2 said:

So...is this a sequel to Wolverine Origins and the X-Men films at the same time?

Maybe they'll be able to tie everything up in a nice neat bow and explain away all the mistakes they've made?

I would be OK with them doing a 'who shot JR' dream thing to make all the "badstuffs" go away

#52 Posted by ThatGuyWithHeadPhones (12957 posts) - - Show Bio

Man I'm trying to get into it but

...I just can't

#53 Posted by Ninjablade09 (3206 posts) - - Show Bio

Well this cant bad as Iron Man 3. I think this looks awesome and I cant wait.

#54 Posted by JamDamage (1118 posts) - - Show Bio

Super Silver Samurai??? or Shiva??? Movie looks dark. The fights scenes look better then ever so far. I'm psyched for this.

#55 Posted by deaditegonzo (3690 posts) - - Show Bio

Meh, reboot this crap.

#56 Edited by MadeinBangladesh (8468 posts) - - Show Bio

Hope this is great!!

#57 Posted by Vaeternus (9410 posts) - - Show Bio

What's up with beards being the new trend? lol First Batman, then Superman...now Wolverine lol. Let me guess, the next Dare Devil film and Flash film,they'll start off with a beard? lol

#58 Posted by Lokheit (489 posts) - - Show Bio

And... Viper joins Silver Fox as characters that shouldn't be mutants given mutants powers! They change characters so much that they could simply do their own films with other names and the same stories instead of using Marvel names to attract and disappoint fans...

It's amazing how they always pick some of the best sagas to destroy them in front of our eyes (God Loves Man Kills, Dark Phoenix Saga, Wolverine Origins with Rose... and now Miller run on Wolverine!! Yay let's destroy all comic myths!!).

#59 Edited by Queso6p4 (1466 posts) - - Show Bio

I think this'll be the comic book movie of the summer. I hope it's good.

#60 Edited by handsome_stud (272 posts) - - Show Bio

whys silver samurai a giant robot

#61 Posted by Mister_Sensational (198 posts) - - Show Bio

I feel as though I've let it be known time and again on these threads how much I absolutely loathe 20th Century Fox and for the fact that they have the rights to all things X-Men (and Fantastic Four) and that they've proven with X3 and with the first Wolverine film that they're not interested in telling a good story but more so making money. That being said and my feelings aside I still (somewhat) hope this movie succeeds for the following reasons...

1. Fox will NEVER give up the rights to the X-Men films to Marvel Studios even if these films continue being total box office bombs, unless Marvel Studios pays them an exuberant amount of money which I personally don't believe Marvel is willing to pay, so we might as well hope to get a decent Wolverine flick by Fox since we definitely won't get one by Marvel.

2. If this movie does surprise us and ends up being more than what we see in these trailers, than we open up the possibility of a third movie (I hear your groans, and some of you shouting "NOOO!" but hear me out) with a third film we open the door to the possibility of introducing... (now this is just the fanboy in me talking here) Omega Red as the primary antagonist and X-23 as a new character/partner for Wolverine in the films and a whole new story line. Mind you these things can be possible if this movie doesn't totally blow it.

#62 Posted by Big_Nasty (349 posts) - - Show Bio

At the end it look like Hugh Jackman was on the set of Real Steel .

#63 Posted by Farkam (5369 posts) - - Show Bio

This looks interesting, but I doubt it will be any better than any of the other X-Films.

#64 Edited by fodigg (6145 posts) - - Show Bio

Good trailer. I'm actually kinda stoked.

#65 Edited by Pokeysteve (8774 posts) - - Show Bio

Looks pretty cool, i dont know about the others but i absolutely loved Wolverine Origins (and X men first class, other movies not so much, specially X men last stand to be that sucked)

Hopeful it would be good.

I actually really liked Origins and First Class too. Didn't care for the first three. My only gripe was Deadpool. So much potential there. Then again, if they link Origins with Wade's movie they can undo all of that.

#66 Posted by Osiris1428 (1347 posts) - - Show Bio

Does Wolverine in this story suffer from adamandium poisoning as well?? See, right there I don't like where this is going. I more than likely will see it. But, looks like Wolverine suffers.from the same problems The PUNISHER movies suffer from.

#67 Posted by blazinasian112 (912 posts) - - Show Bio

can't wait to see Logan battle Shingen and Harada!

#68 Posted by Killemall (18607 posts) - - Show Bio

@pokeysteve: Honestly, i am not a big fan of Deadpool, i like comedy not saying otherwise, but i am more happy at someone like Spiderman as opposed to someone like Deadpool, so yeah what they did to Deadpool while unfortunate for the character, didnt really bother me.

I was more disappointed they got X-men last stand so quickly , we are never going to see Legion appear on screen. He would have been a pretty cool character.

Just to clarify, i dont think Legion with Moira's power is something general public would accept, coz its a little too powerful. But Legion as shown in Legion Quest, a distrubed kid, with extremely powerful telekenesis, telepathy and pyrokenesis, who didnt even know his power but knew everyone else were scared of his potential which further caused him to be distant with everyone else, you know that sort of potrayal would have been awesome, well at least for me that is :p

#69 Posted by KomicKev (105 posts) - - Show Bio

@mynamewasdeleted: I would be OK with them doing a 'who shot JR' dream thing to make all the "badstuffs" go away

No, no - - JR getting shot wasn't a dream. Bobby dying was a dream and then it was all okay when Pam woke up and found him standing in the shower.

#70 Posted by Pokeysteve (8774 posts) - - Show Bio


Just to clarify, i dont think Legion with Moira's power is something general public would accept, coz its a little too powerful. But Legion as shown in Legion Quest, a distrubed kid, with extremely powerful telekenesis, telepathy and pyrokenesis, who didnt even know his power but knew everyone else were scared of his potential which further caused him to be distant with everyone else, you know that sort of potrayal would have been awesome, well at least for me that is :p

Kind of sounds like Jean in Last Stand. When Mags and X both try to recruit her. That's what I though of while reading that. Marvel seems a little less reserved when it comes to bringing new characters to the screen so who knows. Maybe someday.

#71 Edited by nappystr8 (1159 posts) - - Show Bio

This just looks so mediocre. I really thought that after X-Men First Class, and getting Millar onboard, Fox finally knew what they were doing again. Seeing these trailers and how by the numbers they are makes me extra disappointment that Aronofsky left the project. That movie would have been unreal. But who knows; trailers aren't movies. It could still be amazing.

#72 Posted by ltbrd (568 posts) - - Show Bio

I just wish this movie would forget the first X-Men trilogy and keep itself in the new(ish) timeline established by X-Men: First Class. I know X-Men: Days of Future Past is going to incorporate some of the ideas from the last trilogy (sadly) but from what I understand wasn't going to be tied to them tightly enough that everything from the first trilogy happened or effects the future X-Men in the next film. The same should have been done with this movie, where its story is entirely divorced from the X-Men until Wolverine is actually brought back into the team through the new timeline. Had they done that and simply left it as Wolverine is brought back to Japan because of what he did in the war and things go from there you would still have the idea of the burden of immortality and Wolverine struggling with a weakened healing factor. It may have even been a better set-up for Wolverine's return to the X-Men in the third or fourth film because it would have given audiences the expectation that following the events of this film Wolverine (or as a part of it since we don't know how long Wolverine will actually be in Japan) he is trained as a samurai, thus bringing into the movie universe a key aspect of his comic book character.

Could this film be good? Absolutely. The action scenes do look good and the premise of Wolverine's healing factor failing does lend to better suspense.

I just think it would ultimately be a better film keeping it away from everything that came before X-Men: First Class and letting it stand on its own.

#73 Edited by Killemall (18607 posts) - - Show Bio

@pokeysteve: Something similar to Jean, although Legion in Legion's Quest clearly seems to be trying to do the best thing. He realises one of the reason he has so many problems in his life and so does Xavier is because of Magneto so he decide, f&*k this i am gonna go kill Magneto.

That was sort of the story, its a pretty cool story, where you get the feeling there is no villain. A misguided kid, whose power well scares everyone, to some extent, including himself, trying to do what he thinks is right and kill the person he thinks is a monster.

Unrelated: that and Its a Crooked World (the 616 on not the alternate reality one) are 2 stories about well, scary powerful mutant, i would recommend. Pretty sure they are never going to do Crooked World in all its glory in marvel TV screed, Mad James Jasper is going to be a very hard character to sell.

#74 Posted by Pokeysteve (8774 posts) - - Show Bio


Thanks for the recommendation. I find Marvel, especially the X-Men, extremely hard to get into. It just seems like everyone is related to everyone. So much back story!

#75 Edited by Killemall (18607 posts) - - Show Bio

@pokeysteve: haha i understand. You can however still read The Crooked World, that happened in 616, its a story of 3 character, Captain Britian, and 2 absolutely godly beings. One who can change reality however he sees fit, do whatever he wants, James Jasper. And the other, a creation of an alternate reality James Jasper, who can adapt to anything, evolve to counter anything.

I love the idea about Fury, it is ugly, there is nothing gracious about it, it walks like an ugly child, it knows it and doesn't care. All it know is, its powerful, very powerful. Its persistent, relentless and never gives up regardless of the odd. Perfect, all powerful killing machine, created by the most imperfect all powerful crazy robot.

The whole clash of the gods was like epic.

#76 Posted by lykopis (10746 posts) - - Show Bio

I cannot wait. I am forced to wait, but I cannot. I am in torment until the second I am able to feast my eyes upon this movie and get to see my most favourite comic book character be portrayed by my most favourite male actor.


...is me until the end of July -- each and every single time I see a trailer, reference, poster or hear a peep about this movie.

Pretty much it.

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Holy shit this is badass

#78 Edited by Aiden Cross (15526 posts) - - Show Bio

I'll go see it, but i've seen so much Wolverine already that i'm getting to the point of indifference. That will probably change once i actually see the movie though. :)

#79 Posted by Pokeysteve (8774 posts) - - Show Bio


I'll see if I can find it. Do you have issue numbers or series it was in?

#80 Posted by ArturoCalaKayVee (12988 posts) - - Show Bio

I can dig this, suckah.

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He's the best there is at what he does, and what he does is waste scores of ninjas.

#82 Edited by Crimsonlord53 (1373 posts) - - Show Bio

Does any one else feel that movie jean has ruined movie wolverine? Just saw the latest trailer with jean and logan and I'm more then likely going to skip this movie.

#83 Edited by flazam (2546 posts) - - Show Bio

theirs to man good superhero movies coming out

so this one doesn't interested me

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