So what have I missed since '95 (about Wolverine)

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lol, yeah i know i'm asking a lot (not interested in a chronological interpretation) but the truth is i haven't been reading up on the x-men nor wolverine since the fatal attraction issue where logan got his adamentium ripped out of him by magneto, didn't like the direction the writers were taking logans character so i lost interest in x-men comics and as i've been reading allen moore and frank miller graphic novels mostly since then (that and manga). but since i've started to gain interest in x-men comics from what i'm reading i can't help but to notice my favorite x-men character has changed, a lot more powerful then he use to be but yet annoying now some has happened lol

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You've missed... a lot
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i've read only 3 X-Men comics in my life, i think i missed a lot as well 

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