shouldnt he be an omega lvl mutant?

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he has an incredible healing factor that basically make him immortal, he has and unbreakable skeleton with claws that can cut through anything and sense that put animals to shame, so why isnt he classified as an omega.

#2 Posted by God_Spawn (39640 posts) - - Show Bio

Umm no? Wolverine is beta IIRC. His adamantium enhances his durability and cutting prowess but that is exactly what it is, an enhancement so it has nothing to do with his powers. And he can be killed quite a few ways and he doesn't have an unlimited potential in anything so why should he be?

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his healing factor is on a lvl that make him almost immortal, it delays his age and heal him of basically all wound, and disease. also his skeleton is unbreakable so he cant be torn apart, or decapitated. so now you have someone who cant be kill.

#4 Posted by TheSwordsman (1972 posts) - - Show Bio

Yep. As a reality warper. Anyone who can stand and move without tendons or muscles or a spinal cord or anything linking his brain to his body has got to be warping reality on a massive scale. Either that or he is an omega class telekinetic who can manipulate objects even with a broiled and charred piece of a brain

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No, not that it matters, Omega is a stupid concept that doesn't have any real merrit.

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Having a healing factor doesn't give you any right to be an Omega level mutant and it is a silly notion cause there are quite a few mutants with healing factors that practically do the same thing. Should they be all Omega because of it?? No. And again I said his adamantium has nothing to do with his powers cause those are outside enhancements to his body. Wolverine can be killed plenty of ways. Absolute zero freezing, M-blade, taxing his HF, carbonadium, molecular manipulation, complete obliteration of his brain etc. He just can't be killed by conventional means for all intents and purposes.

#7 Posted by BlackArmor (6222 posts) - - Show Bio

I would laugh my @$$ off at this if I wasn't sooooo sure that Marvel is going to eventually do it.........

#8 Posted by Mercy_ (93365 posts) - - Show Bio

Absolutely not. He's already ridiculously OP as is.

#9 Posted by knighthood (1826 posts) - - Show Bio

What's the big deal with this Omega label that's being thrown around? Does it really add extra to the character? I do not think so personally.

#10 Posted by God_Spawn (39640 posts) - - Show Bio

@Mercy_ said:

Absolutely not. He's already ridiculously OP as is.

Only if written to peak capacity. Bye bye half of Marvel Earth.

#11 Posted by TDK_1997 (16121 posts) - - Show Bio

No,he's not.

#12 Posted by KainScion (2992 posts) - - Show Bio

it not what youre being called son. its what you answer to.

#13 Posted by Pwok21 (2464 posts) - - Show Bio

Does Logan have reality warper or high level energy powers?

No, you say?

Then he's not Omega.

#14 Posted by XsPectre28 (760 posts) - - Show Bio

being an omega level mutant as it was when the term was first introduced basiclly meant u were the top of the field, u were amongst the elite as far as power.... what would make him an omega level mutant??? his healing factor????? X-23's healing factor is stronger then logan's so sorry no omega level for him

#15 Posted by Ms. Omega (4829 posts) - - Show Bio

He can be destroyed if you can cause enough damage so that there is nothing to regenerate from not easy but it can be done.

#16 Posted by crazyguy47 (32 posts) - - Show Bio

Wolverine is not op

he's a main character, he's supposed to win all the time!

#17 Posted by samuel_larson_10 (303 posts) - - Show Bio

omega is determined more based on what you can do. Durability and healing may be a factor in being classified as one but most omega levels can at least hold their own against a cosmic entity. Honestly I just can't see wolvie fighting galactacus, he couldn't do damage.

#18 Posted by _slim_ (16264 posts) - - Show Bio

No, he shouldn't.

#19 Posted by ArtGamer (1289 posts) - - Show Bio

@Mercy_ said:

Absolutely not. He's already ridiculously OP as is.

wolverine fanboy and i agree with this!

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are you f*kin serious?? wolverine is not overpowered. the man has the most powerful healing factor in marvel next to Hulk. he could probably be more powerful without the adamantium retarding his genetic mutation. he's definitely not omega level but he was designed to kill them beings of his level and more. he can be killed yes but with his cunning and skills it would be a loooooong ass fight. and keep in mind, there's not a lot of street level beings that can go a few rounds with the Hulk and walk away.

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Omega level mutants are one that massive damage to a global scale. Mr Immortal is omega only because he is possible portal that the dead can come out.

#22 Posted by joshmightbe (26583 posts) - - Show Bio

@Hazlenaut: Actually Mr. Immortal isn't a standard mutant, he's technically evolved beyond that to a being beyond death

#23 Posted by adeesmash93 (1 posts) - - Show Bio

Wolverine is not an op. He also is like the most beloved mutant of them all. He's the main character in the movie, without Xmen would kind of suck.

I would consider himself possibly an omega-level mutant because of his immortality and healing power. He could never end. Not even a bullet can kill him. Then again, I would say he should not be anything lower than an Alpha , because of his abilities. He has a huge impact on Xmen.

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