should The Wolverine lead into Days of Future Past?

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Do you guys think that at the end of "The Wolverine", there should be a post-credits scene that explicitly references Days of Future Past? Would it make or break the film?

I personally think that these movies should remain seperate. However, if Wolverine is going to be a major character in Days, then they should atleast make subtle hints at his role in the film. I mean, it would make no sense to just jump from being a samurai in Japan, having abandoned the X Men for good, to suddenly being a member of the team again. What do you think?

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No i hope they remain seperate and that Wolverine gets one epic movie. I actually hope Logan isn't going to play a (major) part in Days of Future Past... just a short cameo like in First Class would be perfect =)

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i think he should have the same role as in the arc

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Yay for calling what's going to happen in advance.

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@cf12793 said:

Yay for calling what's going to happen in advance.

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