Savage Wolverine

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Was simply wondering whether many people were excited by Logans new solo book? Personally I am very excited as I feel he has just been involved in many titles without much actually about him (that is just my bias towards him!). Also it should be nice just to see him alone again rather than being part of a team. Whilst i do appreciate that his interactions with other characters does make for some good reading he is meant to be a loner, so hopefully this new comic will go back to the roots of what makes him so great.


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Just read it. Looks to be a pretty decent book. Feels like a slightly skewed pulp story. I like that feel.

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Definitely anxious to read this one... just gotta' find some time to get to my comic shop to pick up my copy.

Pulp is loads of fun. Can't wait.

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i thought it was good but its boring at the start, heres some pics:

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I dig it okay. I like the cheesecake factor of Shanna.

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Finally got a chance to read the issue this morning... loved it!

In a word: Fun.

Really loved the pulp-esque feel... Wolverine's melodramatic inner monologue is especially gratifying in it's own way.

And the Shanna cheesecake factor is great fun. I've always been a fan of the "jungle girl" mythos (read lots of ERB) so it's great to have here.

My only complaint: It was over too quick... gotta' wait another month now.

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No comments on issue #2?

I enjoyed it as much as the first. Fun, pulp, cheesecake. All around good times.

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It's a fun read.It's nothing special but it can entertain you.

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I really like this title which shouldn't be a surprise since I am a huge Logan fan. it is a pretty fun read as well though.

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Just wondering... is "cripes" Logan's new catch-word?

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It's good, read issue 2 and your start to like it. Best Wolverine series at the moment.

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