Sabertooth is coming back!? Where are the breadcumbs in volume 3?

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They said Bianchi's story left breadcrumbs about how a guy could come back. The Romulus storyline was awful right? It was just an excuse to remove all of Wolvie's popular foes-sabes, Omega Red, etc.

Either way, I usually enjoy Sabertooth decimating wolverine to remind writers that wolverine isn't an alpha, just a dog.

"Jeph Loeb and Simone Bianchi will reteam on "Wolverine" to bring back the arch-villain they killed off a few years back as Sabertooth is on the prowl again. "I appreciate everybody who stood on the wall at Marvel and said 'No, he's not coming back,'" Loeb said of Marvel keeping the character off the table for other writers so he could do this story. He added "I've said in other interviews that the story we told was not the whole story...if you've been clamoring for Sabertooth to return and make Wolverine's life miserable [this is the place]." He added that if fans go back and read he and Bianchi's last Sabertooth story, the breadcrumbs that can explain how he can return after being decapitated are all in there."

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Hopefully now he can go back to being the ruthless, psychotic monster he's meant to be

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The Romulus story was awful.

I hope they bring him back with no adamantium. I always liked him all-natural, with Wolvie being artificial in comparison.

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There's no way I'm rereading Loeb's horrible run to try and find any breadcrumbs......NO WAY!

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dang. i was kinda happy that he was dead.

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@danhimself: lol dang I was hoping someone would. I have the issues, but not really entertaining the first run. They seemed to kill Sabertooth just for Romulus, who was a terrible idea with a worse story. It wasn't Sabertooth crossing the line, again, but with Wolverine killing him with a bleeping sword?

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Not another 'he's dead but not really' again!? I mean they spent years pushing the seriousness of Logan and Creed's hatred, making it clear one day it was going to come to ahead, one day Creed would just go to far. And it happened, there was a massive battle and Logan killed Creed, like he always knew he would have to someday. Now they might undo it, not happy with that idea, what was the point of their conflict if it wasn't one-day going to finally come a grand finale finish, and why bother killing him in the first place?

I say let him stay dead (other major Wolvie enemies remain memorable though they died at his hands, such as Shingen, Ogun etc), in fact it emphasizes Logan's deadliness, when known long-term enemies die at his hands rather then just unamed thugs and Hand ninjas.

I don't know, I guess I'm just tired with death being only a transitory state for everyone in the Marvel universe these days it seems. I thought it was a bold move to decide to bring the Wolverine/Sabertooth rivalry to a head (even if I hated the lupine evolution thing suggested), and I enjoyed seeing itself play out, it allowed their decades old battle to go out with a bang rather then a whimper.

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@NightwalkerRevan: It's hard to write stories without a foil. Oh, Jean grey is returning as well.

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@perry_411: Hmm, I still feel they should just develop a new rivalry, I kinda thought that some of the reason for Daken's existence (even though I don't like the guy that much), was he could take that place that Creed held, And they could still bring Romulus back, or even better that brother of Logan's shown in Wolverine:the End I think, the one with the claws, healing factor and phasing abilities. For me, Creed's death allows the development of a whole new foils for Logan, other villains with close ties to him that can give him a run for his money, a chance for the writers to go into new territory.

As for Jean, I'd keep her where she is, but she's Phoenix, it's always been her thing to come back from the dead, but it's not really that unique when everyone else does it to lol.

Anyhow, you're probably right, and Creed will probably come back, personally I just wish they would leave him dead and explore new ideas for foils for Logan.

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@NightwalkerRevan: The Daken as a foil isn't an on-page enemy. daken works more behind the scenes, but seeing Daken do the dirty work takes something out of the story for me. If Daken orchestrated bad things but wasn't seen I'd enjoy it.

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He's coming back? I was sure he'd be dead forever.

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I don't see how it could possibly turn out that he wasn't dead.....we saw him in hell while Wolverine was sent there last arc

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@danhimself: I guess Sabes gonna climb out of hell, or someone picked up his remains and preserved them.

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He'd better come back, and be just as great as before, if not better.

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Its about time

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I'm glad he's coming back.

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Wasn't Sabretooth killed, and then recloned by Sinister a few times anyway? So in a sense, it's surprising he's not back already.

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@Owie: not in 616 cannon.

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@perry_411 said:

@Owie: not in 616 cannon.

Are you sure? It's unclear to me whether those are canon or not. I could believe them either way, but I have been thinking of them as 616 canon rather than a kind of What If.

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Mister Sinister tried to clone Sabretooth but realized he couldn't IIRC, don't know why he couldn't though. It took place in the 616 universe.

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Sinister has officially cloned him in 616. Too bad writer can left a character dead for long. Too bad it has to be Loeb to revive him.

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@Owie: They made some excuse about healing factor, it's on sabes wiki page.

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Honestly, I think what, not counting wolverine... two others have busted out of hell? Puck from alpha flight and somebody else, the hangman I think, both tied into the x-men one way or another. I mean thats a fat loaf of breadcrumbs by itself if you ask me

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