Respect Wolverine(read op)

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  • Regenerative Healing Factor
  • Foreign Chemical Immunity
  • Immunity to Disease
  • Superhuman Acute Senses
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Agility
  • Superhuman Speed
  • Superhuman Reflexes
  • Weather Adaptation
  • Superhuman Stamina
  • Delayed Aging
  • Animal Empathy
  • Bone Claws

This will be the reference thread for all of Wolverine's feats.


  • No trolling
  • No debating
  • No going off topic
  • If you don't like Wolverine, just don't comment
  • Anyone that has feats of Wolverine please check to make sure it hasn't been posted already
  • Post scans in THUMBNAILS

In one day. I will have tons of feats.

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It's also evident that the speed of Wolverine's HF is also directly influenced by his adrenaline; Wolverine momentarily goes down to hundreds of bullets. After he gets angry, his adrenaline kicks up, and his HF speeds up with the adrenaline. The result? He doesn't go down to bullets no more:


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I'm positive there are more Wolverine respect threads.

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@god_spawn said:

I'm positive there are more Wolverine respect threads.

I already did a search and didn't find anything.

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