Overuse turning into OVERKILL!

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Is anyone else tired of Wolverine? I almost feel as though Wolverine has replaced Spider-Man as the "Marvel Comics" mascot. From multiple books of X-Men, to X-Force, to the Avengers, to now this whole Schism series which I guess gives birth to two X-Men teams (one lead by Cyke, the other lead by Wolvie [are you serious!? Wolverine & the X-Men??]) to his solo series, all I see is freaking Wolverine! Not to mention the first 3 X-Men movies are about him only to then get X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Aside from his cameo, it was very refreshing X-Men First Class had NO WOLVERINE!
Don't get me wrong, I actually used to like the character--back in the 90s. Back when he wasn't on every team. Back when writers focused on other great X-Men characters aside from him. Back before his healing factor made him invincible all of a sudden. And how is he an Avenger and the leader of Uncanny X-Force!? Killing seems against what the Avengers stand for, or maybe that's changed too. I like Wolverine, I'm just burnt out of him--like a good song played over and over on the radio. I feel like writers get lazy and throw him in too many books.
When I was kid, (in the 90s), I LOVED the X-Men. I got introduced to them through the 90s cartoon, and I soon started collecting every X-Book i could get my hands on. Before i started collecting the actual comic books, i still had a pretty good understanding of who the X-Men were and what they stood for. I was very happy when my little cousin (7 years old), told me he loved the X-Men as well. However it saddened me to learn that the only X-Man he knew of was Wolverine.. (probably from the cartoon of his time "Wolverine & X-Men"). True story: I asked him who the leader of the X-Men was, he answered "Wolverine" (I would've said Cyclops at his age). I asked him who Storm, Cyclops, Gambit, Beast, Iceman were, he only knew of Iceman and i think that's only cuz his power is in his name. I asked him what do the X-Men do, he answered "cut things up with his claws". And then it hit me. The "X-Men" was not a team to him. My little cousin saw the X-Men and Wolverine one in the same--and that to me is horrible.

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Welcome to Comicvine :) 
There are a lot of these threads, and while many would see your point as valid (me being one of them), try to use the search function next time =] 
Just because I'm bored, I'll summarise the other threads; 

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  • Haters are badass.
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  • You suck.
  • Locked thread. 
  • Fin.
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I appreciate the warm welcoming and next time i will search. i just had to vent out my frustration

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@FadeToBlackBolt: You forgot complaints of X-23 and Daken.
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@fodigg: My bad, sorry :P
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@FadeToBlackBolt: I'll let it go. THIS TIME.
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Because a little boy starts to dig x-men without knowing the basics,it's not a problem,I'm 100% sure he'll like an other hero in the future(give him x-men 90's animated series and you'll see).
I'm a wolverine fan and although I agree he is included in many titles,don't forget when it comes to dirty work,he is the one that everyone turns too.
How many times he saved marvel universe by butchering his way through?numerous times.About the Avengers how many members have assassinated a target?most of them,do not forget captain america(Bucky Barnes),he used to be a professional spy and a hit-man for hire(as winter soldier),with the x-men year coming it was expected to see him a lot.

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It just keeps getting worse.. =(

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Yeah I really like the character but I've definitely been getting to much of him lately
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Your story it terrifies me

I have a nephew myself and i considered getting him into comics but i'd hate to see him join the wolverine ban wagon.....mabey i'll wait to the wagon falls off the track

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@Hus: its all good bro wolvie is awesome soon he'll join the thunderbolts , x factor ,the defenders , the revengers the annihilators & the justice league as well lol

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@Hus: its all good bro wolvie is awesome soon he'll join the thunderbolts , x factor ,the defenders , the revengers the annihilators & the justice league as well lol

HAHAHAHA, oh i hope not. Pretty soon: "Wolverine & Marvel Comics" & and the New 52 will be relaunched to "The New DCWolverine"

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cut off half his books, take him out of The Avengers and The New Avengers and get rid of him and Spidey being friends. Spidey hates Punisher coz he's a killer but then thats all Wolvie does. Weaken his healing capabilities and make him smoke cigars again

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