Minimum strength required to KO?

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I don't know if this has already been asked here (sorry if it has). We all know Wolverine has a tremendous healing factor and a very durable adamantium skeleton which allows him to take huge amounts of damage. So here's my question what would be the minimum amount of physical strength required to KO him?

I'm not talking about 1-shotting him I mean being able to KO him with continuous or multiple blows.

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One kick from the legendary Deer.

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75 - 100 ton range is what I think it takes, although I do think if the person is lesser than that and has signifcant enough skill, and the durability/healing factor they could accomplish it.

Anything less 25 tons probably won't get it done, that's my two cents.

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Depends on which writer is behind the helm.

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Iron Fist or Karate Kid could probably knock him out which is a little sad. I don't understand how his adamantium skeleton and healing factor prevent him from getting knocked out. Since being knocked out has everything to do with your brain and his is surrounded by one of the hardest materials on Marvel Earth, you'd think getting hit hard enough to have his brain bounce off his skull would make it easier to knock him out. Instead of preventing that, his healing factor should allow him to wake up much quicker than anyone else. Sorry for my ramble.

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cap has put wolverine down and iron fist has knocked down logan as well

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I'm gonna wait. I'm gonna wait and debunk ERRRRYYYYYTHANG, I see wrong here when this picks up.

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Might as well contribute something beneficial here. Logan's damage soak is almost completely dependent on his state of well being. If Logan is tired and hasn't eaten, slept, or his healing factor is already taxed, it makes it MUCH easier to KO him.

Examples: Enemy of the State. No reason Cap would one shot Logan under normal conditions. Logan went through a lot of fighting so he was tired. Cap came up behind and planted him in one hit. Deadpool fighting against Wolverine barely after Fatal Attractions when his ady was gone and his healing factor was barely there. Deadpool beat him quickly by stabbing him through the back. Makes no sense since Logan has been stabbed, skewered, laced with bullets etc.

Lower his healing factor, easier it is to put him down. Under normal conditions he should be able to take a few hits from WWH. When depleted, streets can take him down after a few hits or even one or two depending on what they do.

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@god_spawn: So under normal conditions 100tons and under depleted conditions anything from 9tons or more?

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@Strider92 said:

@god_spawn: So under normal conditions 100tons and under depleted conditions anything from 9tons or more?

why does sometimes logan has brown eyes and sometimes its blue???

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An adamantium skull is a double edged sword, it makes your noggin' hard to crack, but it doesn't make it safer for the brain inside which is still squishy matter, so any impact with enough force and velocity should cause all that gray matter to bounce around inside the skull so much that it shuts down. He's probably better than average at soaking such damage and recover very quickly.

I'd say that a direct hit by a 3 pounder shell out of a muzzle loading cannon might do the trick.

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@god_spawn said:

One kick from the legendary Deer.

lol the hulks mutated into a deer

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