Manufation Of The Claws

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Now ... I have one question thats been bugging me for like ever! when Wolverine was a boy(James Logan Howlett)he woke up, because he heard a loud bang outside his room, running yet to see his beloved (Supposed, it could also possibly be Logan, the housekeeper/gardener that his mother was having an affair with) father (John) dead on the floor, he ran over to him, when Logan (the gardener) asked Wolverines mother if he wanted to run away with him, (her answer was NO)she refused and he shot her too, later he killed all of Wolverines family, except Rose and Dog(he blamed the murder on Rose, and Logan ran away with Rose i don't know the rest), leaving Wolverine mad as heck, then it happened..The CLAWS(which at the time were made of bone) ...( sorry if this is getting too long)the claws he now .. weren't his bone claws taken out and replaced with adamanthium or are they just coated, i thought they were only coated, but i keep hearing different things, can any SMART person tell me the answer...i am positive that they are coated, same with the rest of his bones, but you know...i am not always right!

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I know that the story used to be that he never had claws before Weapon X, but that changed after he was given bone claws. It could be that they used to be replaced, but when the adamantium was removed, then the bone claws grew back, after which when he got the Adamantium coating again that instead of replacing they just coated it over the bone claws. I don't know.

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No, they would have to have been only coated, as he had them the day after he lost his adamantium, and they couldn't have grown back that quickly. Besides, they would have been trying to grow back constantly in the thirty(?) years since they had been ripped out. Which they weren't.

What you're probably hearing references to is Wolverine (vol. 2) #79, where (right after he had lost his adamantium) Wolverine's bone claws are broken off by Cyber. (They did grow back, though. They looked awfully weird and knotty for about an issue, then were back to normal.)

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