looking for proof of wolverine's martial arts skill

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I hear a lot of people talk about Wolverine being a martial arts master but I've been reading comics for a long time and most of the time Wolverine's fighting style is like a rabid animal relying on his healing factor to get him through it alive. As far as what I've seen 9 times out of 10 when he goes up against true martial artists he tends to get outclassed. I'm not saying he sucks or anything I'd just like to see something that justifies his status as a great martial artist. And I'm not talking about just his ability to win fights here cause much of that can be attributed to his healing factor and adamantium skeleton, I'm talking actual displays of skill

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I've always wondered this also. They say he has the heart (or soul) of a samurai but I haven't seen any signs of samurai skills. I know he trained in japan and all that, as you probably do too, but other than that I see nor hear of any evidence of him being a skilled fighter. He mostly just brawls, heals, slices, heals, end.

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