Is Ultimate Wolverine Really Dead?!

Posted by TheCheeseStabber (8195 posts) - - Show Bio

I was catching up n my reading when i rembered that Ultimate Cable is Wolverine ;O That shows hes possibly alive as wel as it was either X Men vs Fantastic Four oor March on Ultimatium they have robot clones of him an i think the robot head mentions himself being kidnapped,an with his new son being brought out it could spell a return an maybe a cool fight ;O so Is He Dead ;O Wht u think

#1 Posted by Dernman (17230 posts) - - Show Bio

That was most likely an alt future. Usually when you die in Ultimate Comics you stay dead.

#2 Posted by haydenclaireheroes (10377 posts) - - Show Bio

They have been mentioning him a lot in the ultimate comics so maybe he will come back

#3 Posted by DEGRAAF (8338 posts) - - Show Bio

I was thinking he would come back. I mean he seems impossible to kill. I think he son is pretty cool though

#4 Posted by RisingBean (5800 posts) - - Show Bio

Wolverine is a wild card. In Ultimate Hulk vs Wolverine, Fury noted that Wolverine's mutation wasn't healing, it was surviving. This was noted with Wolverine's head having been seperated from his body. If anybody can come back from blatant and obvious death in the Ultimate U, it is Logan.
#5 Posted by TheCrowbar (4397 posts) - - Show Bio

I hope so. I like the fact that death is permanent in Ultimateverse.

#6 Posted by WeaponX619 (84 posts) - - Show Bio

Wolverine is dead but had a son who in the new ultimate x-men series

#7 Posted by Primmaster64 (21662 posts) - - Show Bio

What I like about the Ultimate Universe is that dead means dead...leave it like that plz.

#8 Posted by TheCheeseStabber (8195 posts) - - Show Bio

@WeaponX619: i said that...

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