Has Wolverine's healing factor been downgraded?

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I found this somewhere:  Wolverine can die by decapitation as stated in the Xavier Protocals. Especially since Wolverine’s healing factor is no longer what it used to be: "Wolverine’s own healing factor found its limit, death, soon after this. Thanks to a revealing battle against the angel of death, Wolverine can no longer let himself get to the point of death, or he’ll die for good. "   

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Writers have ignored that Angel of Death of crap for a years. He's healed from death many a time since then.

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As healy as he needs to be because writers are never consistent

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"As healy as he needs to be because writers are never consistent"


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@CaptainDoeo: Believe me, wolverine is healing and dying all over the place. Uncanny annual 10 he reconstructed (with help from a crystal) from a single drop of blood while his original body had its heart torn out. Don't read too much into it or try to be very scientific regarding his ability.

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as far as decapitation its kinda hard when ur skeleton is made of adamantium

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@XsPectre28: Well, there's space between your vertebrae, so he should be vulnerable to a decap, but I think they did some insane crap where they adimantiumed all his connective tissue ("then how does he bend?" you ask. Beats the hell out of me).

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@roboadmiral: His healing factor messed with the adamantium bonding making it bond on a molecular level to his skeletal system so it doesn't hinder any movement and makes his joints super tough to rip apart considering Hulk couldn't it among other super strong people.

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Nope.He has healed and saved himself from death many times.Just sometimes they make his healing factor kicking in a little bit late.

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