Feral Traits

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Are Wolverine's feral traits a result of his mutation, weapon x, or is that just how he is?

#2 Posted by Jean_Luc_LeBeau (82980 posts) - - Show Bio

How he is and his mutation.

#3 Posted by Ebony Bishop (792 posts) - - Show Bio

Depends what comic you read. Logically, it's from his mutation. But in both a recent Jeff Loeb arc, as well as in the Earth X (Or was it Planet X) miniseries, it's suggested that Wolverine and other feral characters are all descended from a separate, non-human race of wolf people. It was pretty stupid.

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I think it was just growing up tough that made him so animalistic, and conceivably his mutation has, like, strengthened that in recent years. I don't see why Weapon X would bring that out of people. If anything, they'd want him to keep that in check most of the time.

#5 Posted by Silver Knight75 (1250 posts) - - Show Bio

it might be more psychological, but Logan does not like to go feral as he wants to keep his primal rage in check at all times. 
I mean, we all have a temper, its just his is much...MUCH Worse 
up there with the Hulk

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