Dog Logan's Back!?!?

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In the epilogue of Astonising Spider-Man & Wolverine it appeared that Dog time travel to the present and began searching from Wolverine.


Is their going to be a sequal or will we be seeing him pop up in one of Wolverines five hundred books or maybe even Daken's book.

Why bring Dog back in the first place (I thought he was Sabretooth at first)?

Any ideas, because I have no idea whats going on.

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It's Einstein! Logan must travel to 1885 to save Doc.

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The writer of Origin (can't remember who it was and too lazy to look it up) never intended for Dog to be Sabretooth. And he's really back? Can you provide scans?

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Well I'm not going to believe it till I see it, doesn't really make any sense to bring the guy into the present day.

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@Gambit1024: Check out the last few pages of Astonishing Spider-Man and Wolverine #6 of 6

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