Does Wolverine need to eat?

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Buddy and i are having a classic nerd argument. Wolverine of 616: Does he need to eat? I say yes, because in order to regenerate he needs fuel, else the body would consume it own fat/lean muscle to the point of starvation. He says no, and that he would just his cells wouldn't need fuel.


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I believe that he still needs to eat. He doesn't have any powers that would prevent him from needing nourishment and energy. He may have a prolonged sense of hunger and thirst but consumption of food and water seems definite..

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The energy has to come from somewhere. So yes.

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@gibson: I think we do have a nerd problem here. Let's say he doesn't eat, his body in order to protect the mind starts to break down muscle at the beginning and fat (really really later). Wouldn't his healing factor be able to fix it? I remember his whole body being burnt, couldn't the healing factor cope with this? His healing factor can restore muscular fibers after being completely destroyed, wouldn't that be a similar case? But then, his healing factor is part of his body. No energy, no healing factor? How does it go? So, when he was completely burnt, his body had energy to restore everything? Where was that energy hidden, when his body had no muscular tissue, therefore no mitochondria, therefore no energy? I think you've came up with a serious nerd problem here... ;))))))))))))))

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I don't remember the issue, but there was one where he had to eat yes. He ended up eating, himself and letting his healing factor cover it. There's a statement there about the law of conservation of mass as usual. But on panel, canon, among Wolverine's other attributes, he needs to eat. Also he needs to drink beer.

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@CATPANEXE: Come to think of it, Wolverine has stated at one point he was trapped on a mountain or glacier or something freezing like that and he had to use his claws to scrape off the flesh from his arm so he could eat it to survive. It was a rip, eat, heal, repeat cycle until he was okay again.

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Yeah, he needs to eat. Technically, by eating his own limbs, he could be his own endless buffet.

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@Gambit1024 said:

Yeah, he needs to eat. Technically, by eating his own limbs, he could be his own endless buffet.

Well energy is loss in the krebs cycle so i dont think thats possible 
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even the unstopable beast needs food

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Yes, but he mostly gets his calories from beer.

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Of course he still needs food, he's an animal of course.

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@ArturoCalaKayVee: And does he not need to take a crap because his body can not process everything? Or does he eat that too?

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@Maikel: No...he needs to use the bathroom...and I doubt he eats his own feces.

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Does eating oneself count as cannibalism?


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