Customizable Wolverine Dogtags?

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 You all remember the cool looking tags Logan used in the Origins movie, how thick they were and how the imprinting was stamped on. Now I want some tags like those with my own info on it. So I look for customizable dogtags and this site had the dogtags from the wolverine movie, so I clicked on them but you can't edit it with your own information. Can someone tell me why that is, like is it a copyright issue. Also if you know where I can do this, let me know. Thanks guys.

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@ADAMocracy: You have 3 problems: 
1, The item you're looking at is specifically made as a replica of those in the movie.  That's why it wont let you customise it, because it's meant to say Wolverine. 
2, The Wolverine dog tags are 'Sold Out'. 
3, I don't think the text is 'stamped on'.  Given the nature of movie replica merchandise, and the quality of the photograph, I suspect it'll merely be engraved... but inside an indented rectangular section.
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Wow who knew Wolverine was type A, I wonder if he gave blood if his blood would carry enough of his healing factor to heal someone. Maybe not give that person the power, but for that short time to help them heal or even cure them.
Humm could Wolverine be a walking, talking, drinking cure all. Time to look past yourself Wolverine and really help the world.

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In an episode of X Men the animated series Wolverine is able to cure Leech (the Morlock) through a blood transfusion but at first is skeptical to try because it had only been done twice and he thought it may not work at all.
It actually worked in this episode "Have yourself a Morlock Little Christmas" 
Of course a Christmas story needed a happy ending. :)
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Mhm I've never seen that episode
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Yeah, it was kinda cheesy, the whole Morlock's living in the sewer and having a crappy x mas thing, but I love it anyway. It's sort of sad.
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Cool I like it. Thnaks for the vid.

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Well I got my dogtags finally, there pretty dope, and Im gonna be Wolverine for Halloween and Im gonna order the Wolverine Tags :)

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you do know the ones in origins were wrong the ones from x-1 and 2 were diferent. i would love to have Wolverine dogtags. anyone willing to sell me some.

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