Catch up with weapon x 2009 run, question....

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What the hell ever happened to doctor rottwell from Logan's time in the asylum?

This guy was a homicidal mcguyver that gave psychlocke a run for her money, he made a psychic bomb out of some staples, some gum, and a motor fan from a 79' leberon. He's got potential coming out of every orifice!

If you don't know who I'm talking about search for the doc here on CV, or check out weapon X 2009 run, issue 07-09

OPINION QUESTION: If this guy came out of retirement what do you think he should do, where should he do it, who should he do it to, and what good guys should be involved?

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If he got his head lopt off and I missed that my bad :p

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@nonfiction91: It looks like he'll be making a comeback sometime in the future, based on what I've seen from the preview art of Wolverine #305.

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@Deadknight: I know, I saw! He was trying to get into a party of wolverine enemies, alive and well :D

That guy is so sick, I can't wait to see him make a move

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