Can he be killed....?

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ok since his spine is segmented thats how Hulk ripped him apart if Captain America threw his shield at his neck or someone threw just a flat sharp object and it happened to go threw his neck and decapitate him that would kill him right? is that even possible?    

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throw him to the sun

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anybody see the one in the future with the sentinels. They killed him

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Magneto "killed" him in ultimate x-men

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You gotta separate his head from his body... OR ...You could just drown him

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But can u decapitate him by throwing something (like cap's shield or a circular saw blade ) through the bones in his neck and if so would it kill him 

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  Wolverine can die beheaded.

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Umm, I know this is highly debatable, but aren't the joints of regular 616 Wolvie also molecularly bonded with Adamantium? There are a lot of instances where not even superhumanly strong creatures can rip him in half, which would be little to no problem to them if Logan's joints would be unbonded. 
He can positively die, in fact he dies pretty often. That's what X-men do: break the rules, protect those who hate them and die and get resurrected on a regular basis! XD

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@Rosencrantz&Guildenstern:  ok i was unaware of that thanks
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@ X: No problem, one cannot possibly know all the crazy facts of the world of comics! I for one get the feeling of being a total ignorant while foruming on this site XD
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Muramasa blade.
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@Morpheus_: What do you believe about breaking his neck? I have my doubts if that is a valid statement. 
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Drowning definitely. Muramusa blade definitely. Permanently remove his head from his body. Beyond that I don't see a way of actually 100% killing him.

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Would starving him kill him?

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Wolverine was decapitated (plural) in WW2 at a Nazi internment camp. They tried to kill him over and over and over until the commander finally went insane and burnt himself to death trying to kill Wolverine. He survived firing squads, gas chambers, beheadings, and incineration, well before he ever received his Adamantium skeleton during the cold war.
Also he has survived a trip to the sun, two nuclear missiles, two nuclear reactor melt downs, falling into a vat of molten metal, and had all his organs harvested. Maybe he will eventually die of old age, but Fury says he Wolverine hasn't aged a day since WW2, so that seems unlikely.

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Magneto can easily kill him.

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Now we know that a simple injection can suppress his healing factor making him subject to all manner of blights including vampirism... so, apparently, yeah you can kill him (but him staying dead as a matter of meta popularity is another story). 
Of course, even before this, Xavier had protocols for killing his own X-Men should the go rogue... and his file for Wolverine described what that writer considered a viable way of killing him.

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It's possible.

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Strip the metal from his body, and then thoroughly annihilate him

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Toss him in a black hole

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Freeze him in mid-explosion and then banish him to the astral plane where time doesn't move

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@thegentlemanrogue said:
" Wolverine was decapitated (plural) in WW2 at a Nazi internment camp. They tried to kill him over and over and over until the commander finally went insane and burnt himself to death trying to kill Wolverine. "
Did they keep putting the head back on the body or something?
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I've got two quick comments.
  When they discovered Xavier's files when he was becoming Onslaught, he revealed that Wolverine could be killed if his head was severed from his body. (Sound's pretty logical to me.)
  Second. No one has brought up the fact that Wolverine was sort of killed in "Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe" by being totally incinerated through electrocution.
  Say what you will about his adamantium skeleton; Wolverine is not going anywhere if every cell from his body is stripped from him. 

Yours Truly, 

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@Gambit1024 said:

" You gotta separate his head from his body... OR ...You could just drown him "

Yep! Or make his healing factor go into overdrive....and wear out
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 I disagree with the second part I have a comic that shows him swimming with the adamantium skeleton on.
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The Scarlet Witch can just wipe him from existence :P

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@Gambit1024: Lol you're hilarious :D
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@ADAMocracy: That's beside the point. you saw him swimming with an  adamantium skeleton, which means he could come up for air. Just because you have an  adamantium skeleton, doesn't mean you don't need to breathe.
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@ADAMocracy said:
" @Gambit1024:   I disagree with the second part I have a comic that shows him swimming with the adamantium skeleton on. "
There's also a comic where Captain America beat the stuffing outta the Hulk by himself while Spider-Man just sat there and watched. PIS: It's a hell of a drug
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@Morpheus_ said:

" Muramasa blade"    

Yup. that'll do him in 
Muramasa Blades
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In X-Men Forever Storm pretty much fried him and he's been dead ever since, but that's not canon, I know, I know.

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@Massagingmytemples:  but what u didnt see is  he has bones under that metal, bone gernates blood, with that he will like the future when the sentinel vaped him, once the metal cools he will regen,  in the canon civil war  nitro nuked him  to a skeleton once the metal cooled he regenerated why?   bones under that metal producing blood  producing the rest of wolverine
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@WraithWitch: Yeah but wouldn't his lungs just regenerate, because when you drown your just really fucking up your lungs in the most painful way possible, so he would just healing, but it would be a worse faith to just make him drown forever, but he would never die which to me is way worse.

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Actually his soul cant leave his body so right now no he cant die

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Carbonadium injection which is highly radioactive and can slow his accelerated healing factor so he'll die of adamantium poisoning, also carbonadium poisoning. It's slow but he'll die.

Stick him on a faulty Russian rocket and fire it off into space. No food, no air, no controls he'll probably die of explosive decompression. On the right trajectory he'll end up like Voyager 1 at some 118.2472 astronomical units (1.768953×10 km) from the Sun! It's part death-part prison.

Murmasa Blade

Teleportation into the heart of the Sun. The Sun's core is around 27-million degrees Fahrenheit which will melt adamantium to butter & evaporate it along with all his flesh leaving nothing, plus the gravity alone & the teleportation INTO an object would kill him

Cosmic Cube wish

The Infinity Gauntlet

Ultimate Nullifier

The Destroyer

Scarlet Witch simply says "You are dead!"

Leech with a machinegun, some flyspray & a box of maggots. Leech dampens Wolvie's powers and then riddles him with bullets which kills him. Since Leech's powers prevent regeneration he sits down, pours the maggots on the body and waits (bit morbid yeah) As the maggots chew him up and speed up decomposition Leech sprays them with flyspray just incase Wolvie regenerates from a speck inside a maggot/fly and comes back via some clever writer.

An Anti-Metal bullet through the eye and into the brain. Anti-Metal is seriously dangerous stuff!

Anyone with a time-travel device and kills his parents thus making him unborn (but in the Marvel U it just becomes Earth-123456 not actual affecting of the time line)

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Reverse the magnetic field in every atom in his body, and then he will fall apart into nothingness.

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