Are they removing the Adamantium feature from Wolverine?

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There are of course several stories ongoing with Wolverine. In the Age of X, they have rendered his healing factor inert. In Uncanny 531 they gave him a viral flu that is wreaking havoc on his system and causing him to undergo Adamantium poisoning. In Wolverine 6, there is a fight the x-men arc that will involve magneto  possibly ripping out some adamantium. The writer also mentioned that the overthrow of Satan in hell may eventually return many enemies and friends.(I liked Sabretooth). These different but parallel stories lead me to believe that the writing team will either remove his adamantium completely or wolverine will have lesser levels in his body. Keeping Adamantium in his Skull, Vertebrae, and arms. I'm feeling like it was better to write stories where he's not an unstoppable killing machine, but an unstoppable healing machine. It would make his enemies less nerfy feeling, and allow more villains to be created. 

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