anyone else feel?...

#1 Posted by Doombert (517 posts) - - Show Bio

...kinda creeped out to see squirrel girl inside logans sexual fantasy room thing?   in wolverine #8.  how old is she?

#2 Posted by fesak (7029 posts) - - Show Bio

You never noticed Wolverine have a thing for jailbait?

#3 Posted by joshmightbe (24463 posts) - - Show Bio

Do we really need 6 threads dedicated to the sexual fantasies of a fictional character, I have no problem with 1 or 2 but its starting to seem like an unhealthy fixation 

#4 Posted by Doombert (517 posts) - - Show Bio
@fesak said:
You never noticed Wolverine have a thing for jailbait?
i always figured, or rather hoped it was a father thing.  not a call me daddy thing.  if that makes sense.
#5 Posted by Hazlenaut (1960 posts) - - Show Bio

I am hoping he went into the future had a thing for her when she kicked his ass. Please let it be time travel be the reason. I have another theory Remember the trigger scent from x23 perhaps an earlier version of it affected Wolverine differently.

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