A Possible Way to Kill Him

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So we all know he has a healing factor that can (and has) save him from the most impossible injuries and mortal wounds. But can he actually die? Decapitation is the most likely methid since his powers are rooted in his brain (I believe) and severing it would render it inactive and kill him permanently. However he's also got an adamantium laced skeleton and his neck and skull are covered, seemingly rendering decapitation moot. He killed Sabretooth with the Murmusa (sp?) blade which apparently cancelled out his healing factor and made him unable to heal from being beheaded. Is that blade the only way to stop Logan?  
What would the X-Men or Avengers do if Logan turned evil and had to be killed in order to stop him? What would suffice? Telepathically destroying his mind? Kitty or someone else phasing his brain out of his body? Riping out his heart? 
I have an old X-Men novel called X-Men: The Chaos Engine Trilogy in which three of Marvel's major villains (Magneto, Doctor Doom, and the Red Skull) each seize control of the cosmic cube at different points and alter the world into their images. In book one (I believe) Doctor Doom had the cube and there was a scenario in which Wolverine was fighting the Sabretooth of that reality. It was a very brutal fight but Logan managed to kill Sabretooth by heavily injuring his body in various locations before slashing his throat. He claimed that the throat was the most vulnerable spot for a healing factor to repair and that it takes longest to fix. By extensively injuring his body in so many other places, Sabe's healing factor was over-taxed trying to heal his other injuries and was not able to heal his throat in time to stop the massive bleeding, and he died.  
Since then I figured the same method should be able to work on Logan himself since his healing factor is/was arguably on par with Sabretooth's.  
Just some food for thought, and possible ammunition in battles versus Logan or other healers. =)
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stick a hose that shoots out hot lava into his eye socket and let it pout out until brain is no longer existent 

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destroy him completely, you kill him
in other words, blow his atoms apart

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You could just drown him.

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@Dernman said:
You could just drown him.
Yep that would do it... just need to keep him under water though...
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@MissFiction: He shouldn't be able to swim with all that mettle. If you were stronger then him you could hold his arms with one hand then choke/suffocate him with the other.
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@Dernman: He shouldn't be able to walk either. But his muscles adapted to the metal making him able to go about his daily life... including swimming as shown in the comics.
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@Dernman said:
@MissFiction: He shouldn't be able to swim with all that mettle. If you were stronger then him you could hold his arms with one hand then choke/suffocate him with the other.
He's had his throat ripped out then was thrown in the ocean. He climbed up onto a cruise ship sometime later, so choking and drowning dont seem to work.

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