A few questions about Wolverine

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I'm a huge Wolverine fan and I have a few questions that I want answered. If anyone can answer them awesome.

  1. When did Wolverine become Death? He was captured by Apocalypse and was turned into Death. So I was wondering what issue, storyline, trade I can find this event happening.
  2. I keep hearing about a Wolverine story where he goes to Japan to meet up with his girlfriend or something. I think the people who made X-men Origins: Wolverine wanted to the story about when he went to Japan but didn't and I think they want to do it for the sequel or something. So when did this Japan story occur? Was it in this series?
  3. I heard in the latest issue of Wolverine, Wolverine issue 300 that Wolverine's daugthter makes an appearance. Who is his daughter?
  4. Is it me or does Wolverine go to Japan a lot because of some connection to one of his ex-girlfriends?
  5. This next question isn't necessarly Wolverine but he's kinda like Wolverine. Is Daken going to die? I heard his healing factor is kinda messed up cause of a drug. So what's going to happen to him when his old man confronts him?
  6. Might be on some peoples mind or the people who are keeping track of the upcoming event Avengers vs. X-Men, Which side will Wolverine choose? And if he chooses one side, will the other team kick him out? Like let's just say he goes with the Avengers, will he get kicked out of the X-Men and X-Force? Well if they do then they might end Wolverine and the X-Men.
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1. Look up http://www.comicvine.com/apocalypse-the-twelve/39-55660/

3. A lady in Japan he tried to save had a daughter and her dying wish was for him to take care of her. He became for foster Dad, when he went back to America he had his fiance Mariko to watch over her but she was killed. She went through foster care, he sent money, then eventually he had Yukio become her guardian.

4. I don't know if its specifically just because of her

5. Haven't kept up with Daken lately but I know his healing factor isn't working right

6. Once an X-Men always an X-Men, he won't forget where he came from

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Thanks for clearing that up. it really helps.

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