sniktbub100's Wolverine Weapon X #2 - The Adamantium Men: Part 2 review

Wolverine Weapon X #2 Review

So maverick contacts wolverine to inform him that a couple of black ops got the blueprints for the weapon x and they plan on recreating wolverine, for me this was an awessome comic Jason Aaron did a very terrific job he actually showed all of wolverine's skills i mean he's all about tactics i adored this issue and since Jason Aaron is in charge of writing all wolverine comics i except all of them to be this good  
this an amazing issue it's tottaly worth your Time and Money 


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    Come and get me 0

    Wolverine flies to Columbia and has to face a lot of super soldiers with the same abilities he possesses.   I think that this issue perfectly shows what a cool character Wolverine is because even if he runs away from a situation he does it with such an impressive attitude and of course with a hidden agenda in his mind. The scene that I´m refering to confronts Wolverine with the super soldiers. And not just two or twelve men surround Logan, all with the same abilities like him. It´s co...

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