fallenx's Wolverine Weapon X #1 - The Adamantium Men, Part 1 Of 5 review

Let's be Serious

I've just read this new comic wich when I saw I couldn't resist but c'mon,I don't want to be a jerk but this isn't what I expected,I was a bit dissapointed.
First it opens with some kids in the jungles of Columbia playing with some venomous scorpion when someone slaughters them.After that a whole village is murdered by a group of super soldier who are reveald to have a very same adamantium claws that Wolverine has,only that these shone in green.
Than we skip to a train in San Francisco, where a woman is being robbed by two man.One of them threatens a man who's sleeping with a newspaper hiding his face with a gun.The man is revealed to be Wolverine who cut's down the man's arm.The other than freaks out and leaves the woman alone.The women is known to be a reporter.He want's to make a reporter with Wolverine but he ignores.
At the bech Wolverine is having a meeting with David North/Maverick who informs Wolverine about some trouble.An evil organisation called Roxxon have stollen the blueprints to build an army of supersoldiers with adamantium bones.Still when Wolverine asks David if he's willing to help him, he claims that he retaired than Wolverine walks away.
during the night,Wolverine enters the old Weapon X facility and sees the place where he was "created".His plan is to hunt down the whole Weapon X(or wathever they were called,I think it was Blackguards) soldiers.
Overall I was dissapointed about this issue,let's hope that  # 2 will be better.



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