Does the Jean Grey School need a class pet?

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I'm just thinking-- almost every school, no matter what level of learning, has a class pet. So, why not the Jean Grey? I started thinking about this after seeing my favorite Looney Tunes short, "Punch Trunk" (1953).

For some strange reason, I think it would be pretty funny if the Jean Grey School's class pet was, yes, a five-inch tall elephant. I'd chuckle if I saw a comic where every so often, a student or a faculty member takes a moment to feed said elephant a peanut. I'd even get a laugh if the elephant's name was Ringo! But what would probably make people laugh hard is who the elephant occasionally sprays in the face--and of course, Quintin Quire is the first target. Or better yet, the water almost hits Kitty Pryde, only for her to phase...while Wolverine or Quire walks by.

So yeah, let me just ask--what kind of a class pet would you imagine the Jean Grey School would have?

While you're pondering that question and thinking of a reply, enjoy the sounds of Henry Mancini....

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Couldn't Krakoa be considered the class pet?

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Krakoa might be more like a mascot than a pet... perhaps a landscape?

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I want a five inch tall elephant.

I'm cool with it give it to Ide "he can be the new Lockhead".

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I think Lockheed worked because he was sorta cute and really weird. The X-Men need something that cute and weird to serve as a pet/mascot/whatever. A five inch elephant would be cute, but frankly it doesn't quite fit the definition of weird like a miniature dragon.

Aren't there some mutant animals out there that might fit? I think I read that the New Mutants recently returned to the island where Bird-Brain and the Ani-Mates hang out. Maybe something akin to a failed experiment?

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