sniktbub100's Wolverine: The Best There Is #8 - #### Spacemen review

Wolverine The Best There is # 8

Hi!! Everybody !! Today i'm gonna be reviewing wolverine the best there is 
The Good 
Personally i couldn't notice anything good about this book it's ABSOLUTE CRAP  

The Bad 
The writing by charles huston doesn't make any sense wolverine isn't himself and i was done with reading this book i was left with so many questions like: what THE HELL is that giant spider's roile in this whole story and those spacemen ?? Wolverine doesn't say a single word that makes he just screams like RAAAAAAAAAGH or HGGGGGGGH i men come on huston you can do better than that And the Art By Juan Jose Ryp is Not half Bad but it could be better  
The Verdict 
Wolverine The Best There is  #8 is hardly the best there is if you're a true wolverine fan like i am don't pick this up it's waste of your time and money And that's it Peace out Everybody


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